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My first mod that I have created. This mod adds cool new MobSoul blocks that will spawn in the overworld just as an ore does. The player can break these blocks or right click them to spawn there respective mob. The player will need an iron pick or better in order to break these blocks. These blocks can be placed down anywhere and right clicked to spawn there mob almost like a monster egg does. The MobSouls can also be crafted into their MobSpawner form. This is down by crafting 8 of the respective MobSouls around a diamond block. The spawner will spawn mobs when a redstone signal is applied (The mobs spawn very very quickly so a button is recommened to spawn these mobs if a few are desired). The MobSpawners also need a iron pick or higher to break. Plz giv me feedback or if you find and problems or bugs with the mod.



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mobsouls.jar - MobSouls ModUploaded on: 03/19/2017 - 23:47   File size: 231.88 KB

I highly suggest trying a redstone clock on the spawner if you are looking for a great deal of spawns. Just make sure to kill off the mobs quickly so they don't build up and lag the game. Have Fun !!!

Any suggestions for this mod and other mod that I will create in the future are much appreciated. Thank You.