Mario and Luigi Block Brothers Mod

Published by MMG on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 17:15
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Don't hate the mod! It's still in development. If you dislike something tell me to improve it.



Power up table recipes: (update for new power ups soon)

Laser table instruction in this video:


Author: MMG Miš Maš Games

Mod helper: Revanfilms28, Icewing, SnowFlake Obsidian

In this mod: (old list. I will update it when I will finish mod)

-Brand New mobs!

-Many new blocks and items

-new advancements (WIP)

-new specialy decorated biomes

-power ups


And More!!!


Did you guys knew I made a game? Now you know:

Official trello board: (it can anytime change)


if you want old versions come to curseforge

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MaLBBM0.4.jar - Beta 0.4- Remastered Update part 118.3 MB
MaLBBM0.5.jar - Beta 0.5- Remastered Update part 217.79 MB
MaLBBM0.6.jar - Beta 0.6- Remastered Update part 317.36 MB
MaLBBM0.7.jar - Beta 0.7- Remastered Update part 4 (last 1.12.2 version)17.6 MB

New versions:

For info go to curseforge page of project


For info go to curseforge page of project


-Golden gameboy

-New mob levels


-New mob

-New biome

-New power-ups

-New materials

so are there 20000 things?
because 2+10+1+7=20 and you said there are 100 times more ,so are there 20000 things??

Woah, you're already 15,000,972.0948 steps ahead of me, I was just working on a mod similar to this, but I'm planning on adding several Nintendo series! Looks good and I haven't even downloaded it!

Thanks. Also I got model maker for next update so I can focus more on other features. Also next update will be just some improvements and it will time to make. Also I will update to 1.14 in one of next updates

It seems that you took some textures from the Mubble mod. If you could, please give credit where credit is due. I like this mod quite a bit, but if you could PLEASE turn down the volume on the boss battle/powerup themes, I'd appreciate it.