Mario and Luigi Block Brothers Mod

Published by MMG on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 17:15
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Mod discontinued, reason here:




Don't hate the mod! It's still in development. If you dislike something tell me to improve it.



Power up table recipes: (update for new power ups soon)

Laser table instruction in this video:


Author: MMG Miš Maš Games

Mod helper: Revanfilms28, Icewing, SnowFlake Obsidian

In this mod: (old list. I will update it when I will finish mod)

-Brand New mobs!

-Many new blocks and items

-new advancements (WIP)

-new specialy decorated biomes

-power ups


And More!!!


Did you guys knew I made a game? Now you know:

Official trello board: (it can anytime change)


if you want old versions come to curseforge

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MaLBBM0.4.jar - Beta 0.4- Remastered Update part 118.3 MB
MaLBBM0.5.jar - Beta 0.5- Remastered Update part 217.79 MB
MaLBBM0.6.jar - Beta 0.6- Remastered Update part 317.36 MB
MaLBBM0.7.jar - Beta 0.7- Remastered Update part 4 (last 1.12.2 version)17.6 MB

For info go to curseforge page of project


You should do some Mario galaxy stuff like the Octoombas. Odyssey stuff would also be really cool, especially for biomes!

I planned galaxy and odyssey updates but they will not come sadly. I want to finish mod and then get back to making videogames. But there will be powermoons which you will can use in furnace as fuel.