Goodlands Adventure: The Forest

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≈ Goodlands Adventure ≈


The Forest is the first mod in Goodlands mod series. Goodlands are series of Dimension and biomes mods. It adds some new content: Mobs, Structures, Items, Biome, Dimension and Sounds. All these things were created by Forest theme. 


  • Bad
  • Duck
  • Ghost of the Forest
  • Pig (Wild)
  • Snake


  • Forest Fire
  • Forest Fire (with Bads)
  • Camping Tent (placeable)


  • Life Symbol (portal igniter, no craft yet) 
  • Lost Soul (Ghost of the Forest drop)
  • Soul Flower                                           Soul Flower Crafting Recipe Image
  • Portable Tent                                        Portable Tent Crafting Recipe Image


Modification files
GoodlandsAdventure_TheForest_0_1_0_Beta.jar - 1.12.2 - Goodland Adventure: The Forest (0.1.0)1.2 MB


  • Added The Forest Biome.
  • Added The Forest Dimension.
  • Added Life Symbol.
  • Added Bad.
  • Added Duck.
  • Added Ghost of the Forest.
  • Added Lost Soul.
  • Added Soul Flower.
  • Added Pig (Wild).
  • Added Snake.
  • Added Forest Fire.
  • Bads now can spawn near Forest Fire.
  • Bads now can throw bottles.
  • Added Camping Tent (structure).
  • Added Portable Tent.

Small suggestion, say something else instead of "Screenshot #1", "screenshot # 2", etc.

Now I'm working on Goodlands Survival: The Desert but there is one small problem..
My computer with mod project is dead. I ejected HHD from it but now I need to buy SATA II -> USB adapter, so I can't finish my mod now.
I didn't make any .mcr backups, it was my fail. I will never repeat it. Sorry for it.


There are two news. One are good. Another are bad.
Bad one are dead source of Goodlands Survival: The Desert. My previous computer got some physical damage, but it was enough (Realy, NO MOD SOURCES WITHOUT BACKUPS NOW!)..
Now I will recreate it, but it will get some time because...

Good news are forgotten mod sourse from 2016's end. I won't spoil what it is, but I'll give you a hint:
"It is mod inspired by a..g's P....s from 2..6 ."
Fill blanks in it and you'll get a spoiler!
Mod will be posted until 01.04.2019. Now you can start a new one Minecraft Survival + Mods server for your friends. You will need already have it when mod will be published. <del>Good waiting!</del> Good luck!