MEZICRAFT 2: 100+ Dinosaurs! [UPDATE]

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MEZICRAFT 2:  100+ Unique Dinosaurs!



PS: I'm now taking requests! (Mostly because your ideas are way better than mine.)


MeziCraft 2 is a mod better than the original MeziCraft. The dinosaurs models, textures, and behaviors are greatly improved. All the improvements listed below.


These improvements include:


-More dinosaurs!

-Every dinosaur has a fun and interesting use!

-MeziDimension was improved!

-Better textures! (They needed to be improved.)

-Better models! (Especially the ornithomimids!)

-Hitboxes are accurate, so a Trex can no longer fit through a two block space!

-More varied dinosaur noises!

-Fish and pterosaurs added!

-More plants!

-Cool weapons!

-More blocks!

-More armor!

-More liquids!

-One ore as well!

-New trees!

-New structures!

-New dimension!



I'm so glad I can finally publish another MeziCraft mod, and I hope you enjoy it!


Ahhhhh, MeziCraft, the mod that died because of a fatal MCreator error. It actually deleted everything in the mod and I could never edit it or even export it again.

5 (no joke) more attempts over the years to make a new MeziCraft, all failed, even when I completed the mod, it would always bug out.

Then I finally exported the mod, after making a new and much more superior mod, this one.



Updates coming soon! :)

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

V:2: More Dinosaurs Pack


-Added Stegosaurus

-Added Kentrosaurus

-Added Toujangosaurus

-Added Dracorex

-Added Acrocanthosaurus

-Balanced dinosaurs

-Added more weapons

-Added more items

-Balanced basically everything.


Hope you enjoy! 





V:3: Trees and structures pack


-Added 4 different types of trees that generate in the dinosaur world.

-Added many structures to spawn randomly underground and above ground.

-Balanced a lot again.

-Added a fun new weapon to play with.


Hope you enjoy this too!





V:4: Carboniferous Expansion


-25+ New prehistoric creatures!!!


-New EXPLOSIVE weapons!

-New blocks!

New food!

New items!

-Balanced things.


Hope you enjoy this one the best!!

Submitted by ALEXYSSSJ4 on Sat, 02/02/2019 - 15:50

please add better drop for the dinosaurs and upload the mod to

I'm now taking requests, and I'm sure your ideas are much better than mine!

Submitted by Zerer on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 05:42

This mod is AWESOME. But I suggest to work on textures. Some of them are waayyy too colorful.