Published by thumbpick on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 18:25
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It's that time everyone, Minecraft has been hacked by the hacker.Bot and he has sent viruses into your Minecraft world. He has minions that spawn in their Biomes and the Biomes spawn round the minions. Careful when you touch them though... Your computer my go BOOM too.

This Modpack includes:

+Green Virus mob and Green Virus Biome

+Red Virus mob and Red Virus Biome

+Blue Virus mob and Blue Virus Biome

+Glitched ore

+The Fire wall wall

+Hacker Block


WARNING:The virus blocks have odd effects for certain things, so be careful.

Modification files
Virus Mod.mcr - The Virus Mod is here, SO CLICK IT!!!79.14 KB