Oceanic World

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This Mod Adds Oceanic Blocks And Items To Your World! Feel Free To Use In A Video, Modpack Or Anything. Do Not Copy My Mods. I Forgot Whats In It But... I Think You Will Like This Mod. Now.. If You Do Copy My Mods I Will Somehow Report Your Mod If I Can. As Your Mod Will Get Deleted For Copyrighting Me.

Please DO NOT Download Reposted Mods That Are Made By Someone Who Isnt The Person Who Made The Mod. The Fake Mods Can Give You A Virus..

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Right Now This Is The First Version Of 'Oceanic World' (V.1)

Hello Everyone! Welcome To My First Published Mod! Right Now I Haven't Updated It Yet But I Might Add More Things In The Future! If I Can... I Dont Want MCreater Trowing Errors At Me And Saying --Everything In My Mod Should Be Deleted And Is An Error For No Reason >:) Hahahahah--

Can you add a few more images that actually show what does the mod add?

I agree with Raol, you should show what the mod adds.

Srry. Couldnt Add An Image Of The Blocks. Cuz It Wouldnt Let Me.. :(

But I Added Images Of The Items And The Portal. The Portal Is Broken However. If You Enter It. It Will Crash Your Game..

Portal Frame: Prismarine/Oceanic Blocks (mod blocks)
Portal Igniter: Prismarine Igniter
Portal Shape: Nether Portal
Portal Things That Happen When You Enter It: Crashing Your Game

Oh Btw. You Cant Tell Me What To Do. Im Not Your Slave.