Published by Fixst on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 15:36
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This is the official MoreOre Mod made by Magical Mods ILO. (Fixst)

You can have the newest informations about the mod while visiting our Twitter Account

If you have purposals ore other important stuff, post them in the comments below or send an Email to

Version 3.0 - What is new ?

  • Add Cobalt Ore
  • Add Korgam Ore
  • Add Rivenied Ore
  • Add Copper Ore

Version 3.6 - What will come ?

  • Add Silver Ore
  • AddTitanium Ore
  • Add Tin Ore
  • Add Lead Ore
  • Add Platin Ore


Comments and purposals are welcome!

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Version 3.0


  • Added Cobalt Ore
  • Added Korgam Ore
  • Added Rivenied Ore
  • Added Copper Ore

You should show the mod's features by writing them or by posting an image, rather than writing "this mod adds more than 200 elements". Maybe you could write just the mod's goal or the most interesting features.

Please guys come down. You can post whatever you want.(Without Sexual... content) If I reply to the comments is another question. And I‘m a He. AND thanks for this mich comments and for downloading. Check out the new version. Many changes and edits.