Mobidius Mod (New Boss, Weapons, Tools etc.)

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The Mobidius Mod adds a variety of new blocks, items, tools and weapons to the Minecraft world. This is my first mod created using MCreator, and I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out! Mobidius Mod's initial development lasted over a week; with just under half of that time dedicated to playtesting and adapting the features to craft the best mod I could, and I hope you enjoy playing around with it! Mobidius Mod works both on it's own and alongside other mods, making it a cool addition to your world or modded survival. Some of the new features added in include:

- A new ore that drops a valuable resource for the mod.

- A whole new type of crafting table, the Mobidium Crafting Table, which is used to craft many of the new features!

- Mobidius; a mini-boss that can be spawned in

- Two new toolsets; the Mobidium set and the Mobidius set ~ useful additions to your collection!

- Mobidius Armor: super protective but difficult to craft

- Ancient Structures that spawn randomly in the world. They are one way of obtaining one of the valuable resources for the mod.

Still undecided over whether this mod is for you? Already got this mod but a little confused over how to use it? No need to worry, just go to the official Mobidius Mod 1.0.0 guide to find out more!

I hope you enjoy playing the Mobidius Mod. Let me know what you think or go to my website to keep up-to-date with my non-modding exploits into game development!

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Version 1.0.0

  • Alpha release. 5 new blocks, 5 new items, 2 toolsets, 1 armor set, 3 weapons


Submitted by ultrasquid on Sat, 04/20/2019 - 02:44

great mod! did you make the textures yourself? if so, you are really good at making textures!

All the textures were made by me yes! The Mobidium Bricks and Mobidium Block are recolours of cobblestone and stone bricks that I then edited ever-so-slightly as I was unable to recreate them from scratch to an appropriate degree. All other textures were designed from scratch! I'm glad you liked it!

How did you make a custom crafting bench, could you show me?

The Mobidium Crafting Table is made entirely of GUI and procedures (which are then attached to the 'when right click on block' function in the Crafting Table block. I was originally inspired by this video on Pylo's youtube channel: so as a starting point it's very helpful!