Omega mark I

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Omega mark I 


This is the mod that represent of stronger and more powerful items and blocks not only that as a name of the element will be getting stronger the little bit values of the ability that breaks however it's means something that going to go powerful than ever so that is why this called omega mark I there are many versions that's going to be now this is about this and it's a little bit more struggle the weight is going to work and I getting off the power even if like Herobrine or other this is and this is more powerful it gets more ability of use break and stronger for use it for elements in water and fire and lightning and ice and there's more like light and darkness it's much different than the other mods that I made however this mod is about greatness and show how much you can make however the blocks in the optical will take different adventure also it will be harder.


*not going to use mcreator 1.7.9 to 1.8.3 want it hard of to understand about procedure how everything works also the tutorials are for me not basic I cannot see it like what I'm going to say ( step by step and doing by doing and taking at same time) so I not good use new versions if so hard understand about it*


Elements mods list 

version 3.5

crafting is update to new way of work 1.6

ender armor ( hold hurt 2 heart down ) 
heead 3
body 6 
legs 4
feet 3
water armor ( hold hurt 3 heart down help water )
head 4
body 7
legs 5
feet 4
froze armor ( hold hurt 3 heart down and weak you in slow down )
head 5
body 8
legs 6
feet 5
vex armor ( hold hurt 4 heart down )
head 6
body 9
legs 7
feet 6 
Ifrit flame ( hold hurt 5 hear down and help in swim in lava )
head 7
body 10 
legs 8
fast 7 
metal stone armor ( hold hurt 6 heart down )
head 8
body 11
legs 9
feet 8
metal Ramuh  armor ( hold hurt 7 heart down 
head 9
body 12
legs 10
fast 9 

ender sword 250
ender shovel 251 hardness break 3
ender pickaxe 252 hardness break 3
ender hoe 254
ender axe 253 hardness break 3
iron water sword 340
iron water shovel 341 hardness break 4
iron water hoe 339
iron water pickaxe 342 hardness break 4
iron water axe 343 hardness break 4 
iron ice sword 381
iron ice shovel 380 hardness break 3
iron ice pickaxe 379 hardness break 3
iron ice hoe 378
iron ice axe 382 hardness break 3 
vex iron sword 420
vex iron shovel 419 hardness break 4
vex iron pickaxe 421 hardness break 4
vex iron hoe 422
vex iron axe 417 hardness break 4 
iron Ifrit sword 520
iron Ifrit shovel 519 hardness break 4
iron Ifrit pickaxe 521 hardness break 4
iron Ifrit hoe 518
iron Ifrit axe 522 hardness break 4
one soul sword 5 ( is very overkiller )
metal Ramuh sword 600 
metal Ramuh shovel 601 hardness break 5
metal Ramuh pickaxe 599 hardness break 5
metal Ramuh hoe 602
metal Ramuh axe 603 

ender flower ( look out )
water flower
poison iyy 
blind flower 
drip plant ( don't stay on it )

ender dust 
ender nugget
ender ingot ( click the mouse you get other place stay but it remove items )
water diamond ( click the mouse if do it place water in sky in other and remove items )
water dye
iron stick 
vex ingot 
Ifrit flame crystal 
metal stone
metal stone stick 
soul dust 
soul nugget 
soul ruby 
infuse ingot
Ramuh crystal  
energy star 
star shell 
upgrate hammer 
stone dust
stone bricks 

ender ore  hardness 2
water ore  hardness 2
obsidian broke lava hardness 3 
obsidian ice hardness 3 
water wool hardness 1 
ice cobblestone hardness 3
ice stone hardness 3
ice brickstone hardness 3 
iron bars block hardness 3
vex ore hardness 3
vex bars hardness 3
metamorphic cobblestone hardness 3
metamorphic stone hardness 3 
metamorphic brickstone hardness 3
oxion stone hardness 3
oxion cobblestone hardness 3
oxion brickstone hardness 3
Ifrit ore hardness 3 
flame cobblestone hardness 4
flame stone hardness 4
flame brickstone hardness 4
mix ore hardness 4 ( drop other ores that you wait for it )
soul ruby block hardness 3 
infuse ore hardness 4 
Ramuh ore hardness 4 
star cracking hardness 4 
old oak wood hardness 2 
soft stone hardness 1

sink water ( longer in water hold it for you )
sink apple ( much more longer hole in water for you )
Dum Aloo ( you give to you dog ) 
blind heal ( it give blind but it heals you )
leaf heal ( it heal you short times ) 
baget ( yummmy 
star bread meat ( give power up )

lust ( zombie but it is strong and fast ) 
flame monstar ( he is fast but he kill you ) - sound 
ice monstar ( he well kill you but he bit more strong but bit slow ) - sound 
death monstar ( vey high hp so it hard to kill it only kill by one soul sword ) - sound 
dark energy ( strong and and power get it ) 

uprgate stuff

upgrate 1 ( vex ingot + head enger + uprgate hammer = protection 2 and blast protection 2) 
upgrate 2 ( vex ingot + body ender + upgrate hammer = protection 3 and blast protection 3)
uprgate 3 ( vex ingot + legs ender + upgrate hammer = protection 2 and blast protection 2)
upgrate 4 ( vex ingot + feet ender + uprgate hammer = protection 2 and blast protection 2)
upgrate 5 ( water diamond + ender sword + upgrate hammer = sharpness 4 and looting 2) 
upgrate 6 ( water diamond + ender pickaxe + uprgate hammer = efficiency 7 and unbreaking 3) 

Modification files
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omega mark I version 3.5.jarUploaded on: 05/07/2019 - 22:43   File size: 631.61 KB

if the modder see this how i made what i mean then i get better underand about it

welp i am stuck with the old version on mcreator 1.7.8 and i have no undersand about the new mcreator 1.8.3 want i don't it and no i mean don't really get it