Mining Madness Mod!

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The Mining Madness Mod is a mod that allows even more ores to be added to your world!

New Ores:

  • Viridian Ore
  • Bluesteel Ore
  • Iris Ore
  • Void Ore
  • Minamax Ore

New Blocks:

  • Viridian Smelter
  • Reinforcer
  • Block of Reinforced Diamond
  • Block of Reinforced Gold
  • Viridian Block
  • Bluesteel Block
  • Iris Block

New Armors:

  • Minamax Armor
  • Viridian Armor
  • Bluesteel Armor
  • Reinforced Diamond Armor
  • Reinforced Gold Armor
  • Iris Armor

New Tools:

  • Minamax Tools
  • Viridian Tools
  • Bluesteel Tools
  • Reinforced Gold Tools
  • Reinforced Diamond Tools
  • Iris Tools
  • Void Tools


Viridian Smelters work by placing a block of viridian ore into the left slot. You then press smelt and a viridian ingot will be made. You can then take that viridian ingot to do whatever you please!

Reinforcers work by placing the item you want to reinforce (either gold or diamond) at the top slot and then the reinforcing material required. For Gold, you must place a gold ingot at the top and place an iron ingot at the bottom. If you want to reinforce diamond, you need to put diamond at the top and a bluesteel ingot at the bottom.


Topaz is currently in development, and will have features soon!


Modification files
miningmadnessmod_0.jar - The mod itselfUploaded on: 05/20/2019 - 20:23   File size: 449.5 KB