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Published by pigface111 on Mon, 08/19/2019 - 01:35
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This is a mod with potions that spawn villagers every tick, blast you into space, burn you into a crisp, strike lightning until you die, and make things seem laggy. I hope you guys like this mod. It took a while. There is a slingot in this mod. The slingshot texture looks bad right now. I will fix it soon. If you have ideas for potions comment and tell me them. Also, report any bugs you come across. I will make brewing recipes as soon as they come out. If you have a problem with one of these potions just tell me and I will fix it. Have fun experimenting with new potions! :D

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Potions mod 1.1_0.jar - Potions mod 1.1 (jar)1.94 MB
Potions mod 1.1.zip - Potions mod 1.1 (zip)1.94 MB

Potions and arrows added in 1.0

+ Potion of Haste (bottles)

+ Potion of Burning

+ Potion of Explosion

+ Potion of Power

+ Potion of Stink

+ Potion of Twig

+ Potion of Villager 

+ Potion of Cow 

+ Potion of Clear

+ Potion of Instant Damage XXX

+ Potion of Water

+ Potion of Frost

+ Potion of Everything Bad

+ Potion of Invincibility 

+ Potion of Parraton

+ Potion of Sodification

+ Potion of the Moon

+ Potion of Crushing

+ Potion of Summon which might be removed

+ Unkown Potion

+ Potion of Dirt

+ Potion of Sound

+ Potion of Saturation

Potions and Arrows adden in 1.1

+ Potion of Lag

+ Potion of Swap

potion of ghost simple you go into spectator for the duration of the potion