The Awakening

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Check out this new mod, The Awakening, which adds a load of content into Minecraft.

Not to be confused with the fan-comic, Minecraft: The Awakening.

Proudly Presented by GoldenCraftVsGames!

This mod is currently in alpha,  so some mechanics may not work.

This mod adds:

4 metals! Copper, Tin (Copper and Tin soon to be added. Only ores exist), Bronze, and Sympera.

2 New Mobs! 

The Vathos!

A resilient water zombie that lures in prey with it's attracting light. Drops Prismarine-related items.

The Besieger!!

A patrolling illager out to look for you! Drops the Ruined Sword, a main component for a legendary killer machine...

3 New developer items involving food and health. Includes infinite health potion and endless food! Not available in survival.

1 New Biome! The Drought!

5 New Buffs/Debuffs!

Grind Rush!

Grind Rush causes your main hand to repeatedly punch.

Sticky Shoes!

Sticky Shoes cause you to be stuck in place! 


Bleeding causes you to slowly lose health. You lose less health when crouching.


Electrocuted causes you to slowly lose health. You lose more health while sprinting.


Drowning causes you to quickly suffocate!

5 New Item Types. Order's Artifacts! Used to craft the Order Amulet!

3 New Armor Sets!

Donuts! (Because why the hell not?!)

Magic Mirror! Return home safely!

Flasks! Imbue your swords into deadly blades!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send it via comment!

Plans for the future:


More mobs!

A new dimension! (You decide!)

A strange device that makes alien noises. (You can check out the future plans at

Brand new sprites for some items!

Copper and Tin Bars!

New debuffs! 

Ancient shrines!

Story Mode related content!

Post-Ender Dragon content!

More achievements!

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files - 1.02.17 KB

1.01: Currently released as alpha.

1.01.1: Logo texture changed. Looked too gory. 

1.01: Added Flasks, Donuts, Golden Munchkins, Combustive Boots, Bandages, Towels, Besiegers, Imbued Swords and Magic Mirrors!

Cool logo :)
Could you also add some screenshots of the mod (you can take them with F2)?

Don't you hate it when a long time of logo making only results in 3 downloads? This should get more downloads!