Explornilla (By RockstarBonnet!)

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Hello! Welcome to my Best mod i want to make! EXPLORNILLA!

THE Vanilla Bee Model from 19w34a .I need it.Can someone create it?



Blocks & Items:


  • Bee Nest,every 2400 Ticks it changes the "Honey Value",when it reaches the Full Lvl (5) you can shear or fill it with a bottle!
  • Bee hive is a craftable version of the Bee nest,but it needs 2200 Ticks. Crafted with 6 Woodenplanks and 3 Honeycombs
  • Honeycomb,crafting material obtainable by rightclick a FULL Bee Nest/Hive to gather 3 Honeycombs.
  • Honey Bottle,a food and a Crafting material. Obtainable by rightclick a FULL Bee Nest/Hive to gather 1 Honey Bottle. Fills 3 Full Hunger Bars.
  • Crystallized Honey,it refills 1/5 Hunger and crafted with 4 sugar and 1 Honey Bottle.
  • Wax Block, crafted with 9 Honeycombs.



  • Candle,crafted with 1 Stick and 1 Honeycomb (15 Light Levels)
  • Candle with Plattform, crafted with 1 Quartz and 1 Candle OR 1 Quartz,stick and Honeycomb. (15 Light Levels)

Other Recipes:

  • 1 Honey Bottle in a crafting table gives you 3 Sugar.

World Generation:


  • Bee nests are randomly generating in Sunflower Plains,Plains and Flower Plains.

Hope you enjoy the Mod! Bye!

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Release 0.1

  • Bee nest
  • Bee hive
  • Honeycomb
  • Honey Bottle
  • Crystallized Honey
  • Wax Block
  • Candle
  • Candle with Plattform
  • 3 Sugar crafted with 1 Honey Bottle