Space Adventures Mod

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Welcome to the space adventures mod! Where you explore moons and planets!

This mod is still in alpha, so updates might be coming soon.

And yes for some reason i upload mods on every next year like 2020 = a new mod!

What it adds:

Currently: 8 dimensions moon, mars, europa, titan, pluto, sedna and asteroid

Aliens and alien pig

Killing an alien pig gives you alien porkchop, it gives you 6 hunger points, you can cook alien porkchop which gives you 12 hunger points.

On moon, mars, venus, europa, titan, pluto, sedna and asteroid you can get rocks, useful for making igniters and also for making a portal frame

The crafting recipe for igniters is the same as the torch but you replace coal with glowstone and the rocks where you can find in those 7 dimensions (yes 7 because asteroid has no next dimension currently)

Now theres alien biome (new)!

Collect all of the versions of this mod!

Wait, you havent collected the 0.2.1 version of this mod? Thats bad.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Version 0.4.2: Added alien biome

Version 0.4.1: Added alien porkchop and fixed to europa advancement icon

Version 0.4: Fixed some blocks where you cant get them by mining and added sedna and asteroid dimensions including thier advancements

Version 0.3: Added titan and pluto dimensions including thier advancements and fixed europa rock name

Version 0.2.1: Added alien pig and alien porkchop

Version 0.2: Fixed where you cant get mars rock and added venus and europa dimensions including their advancements

Version 0.1: Initial release

Nice mod :)
Please can you explain what it adds in the description though?

Nice mod :)
Will you also add some alien structures to the planets?

Sorry that i didnt update the mod for a long time, there will still be updates