Reatioreater Mods

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the crafting Everything in the Book of Mods

in the contents of mods 2 are name reatioreater mods and name Removet Recipes Core

Press the P to open gui:

press the Tutorial button

elements 157

Core Mods elements 8 

  • effects

remove the effects of infested bution

infested bution:
it is a negative effect that gives these effects
Mining Fatigue
Un Luck


  • Block

Stone Magition:
appears in the caves

magition furnace:
Click the block
Slot 7

you can drop resource and it appears in structures


  • Items
  1. book of reatioreater:

  2. click item
  3. it's the mod's guide
  4. iron logtion:

  5. It is a commitment of magition furnace
  6. bottle magition:

  7. click on water gives you bottle magition with water
  8. bottle magition with water
  9. bottle magition butinet:

  10. when you take it it gives you a positive effect and it's butinet
  11. iron magition ingot

  12. desert emerald

  13. Raised Wood

  14. Vegetable fiber:

  15. break grass to sew the items
  16. Book vegetable

  17. Raisb Wood

  18. Raised stone

  19. rokestone:

  20. click on Stone with ropert wood
  21. Iron wire

  • Biome 

  1. Fudation Biome:

  2. this biome has trees Savanna and Mushrooms
  3. entity are slime and enderman and creeper and Skeleton and Pig and Zombie


  • Plant
  1. Infected Plant:

  2. This plant appears in the biome caves of Biome Foundation
  3. when you walk on the infected plant you can have an infested bution effect
  • MOB
  1. Villager Fudation:

  2. villager health 20
  3. appears in biome Fodation biome in a structure
  4. vindicator desert:

  5. health 40
  6. attack the player and villager
  7. It gives you a desert emerald
  8. appears in the desert in structure
  • Structures
  1. Villager Foundation house:

  2. appears in Fodation biome
  3. It is a biome villager's house
  4. vindicator of joke:

  5. It is a structure that has trapped villager
  6. abandoned vendicator place:
  7. this structure appears in the desert
  • armor
  1. Night vision helmet:

  2. gives you night vision
  • Tool
  1. sword of esmertion:

  2. attack 9.5
  3. Number of uses 7.102
  4. ropert wood:

  5. it serves to break something for the blocks
  6. Number of uses 70


  • 1.1 improvements

      if you downloaded the mods Press the P for the Tuturial of the mods

  • block
  1. Sealed box:

       This box can only be opened with Sharp Wood

  1. Copper Ore:

      Be in the cave

  1. Solar sensor:

      This block connects with the White Wire of Copper

  1. White Wire of Copper:

      if you put this block behind the Solar sensor it turns on

  1. Box Basic:

      Basic thing and mods thing

  1. Copper lamp:

       this block illuminates when electricity is connected

  1. Copper Block


  1. Wood Reslt Table:

      is the new one that grabs the CRAFTS


  • items
  1. Metallic Iron Ingot
  2. Copper Ingot
  3. Solar sensation
  4. Led copper
  • tool
  1. sharp wood:

       Damage: 0,5
       Number of uses 32
       Can break sealed boxes just with a click


       When you press the P

       When you press the P







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  • 1.1

      change in boxes more objects
      change in structure in moorings
      more block and items and structure and more
      improvements in magition furnace
      _______________________ 1.0 Removet Recipes Core
                                                  _ remove Recipes
                                                  _ connects to the mods reatioreater mods

  • 1.0

      Effect Repairs Custom
      bug fixed magition furnace
      bug fixed bottle magition

Good mod with a lot of content! I must recommend you change the images as they shouldn’t show the hot bar or inventory