Published by ThorPDough on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 18:47
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Blockfarms adds four farms the size of a block.

since vObsidian the beacon is replaced with obsidian 

every block generates what is inside of its slots

  • Iron: 1 slot
  • Gold: 4 slots
  • Emerald: 9 slots
  • Diamond: 16 slots

each tick update there is a chance for the block to duplicate what is in its slot(s) and spawns that gem three blocks above it for easy use of hoppers or map making.

in every slot can be something different.

Modification files
Blockfarms.jar - version 1.0 for 1.12.2 suggestions may be added.165.75 KB

added Iron, gold, emerald and diamond blockfarms with recipes, gui's and procedures to generate three blocks above

I have a question.
are the guy's only available in creative or can this be accessed in survival as well?

They are craftable in survival, the recipe’s are visible in the images (built with blocks but you still need a crafting table). In the obsidian version the beacon is replaced by obsidian, but when I played with that version it was to op, so I reccomend the normal version(s) with optionally a mod that allows the crafting of wither skulls

Nice mod and models, but aren't those a bit OP?
Maybe they could consume something expensive to work, randomly break, randomly spawn a monster (a creeper of example) or sometimes remove the item from the slot rather than duplicating it
(just some ideas, because right now it could only be used in special maps or challenges or maybe skyblock)