Bienkie's Halloween Mod!

Published by Bienkie on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 15:44
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Welcome to Bienkie's Halloween Mod! In the spirit of halloween which is right around the corner I decided to make a simple yet nice mod to add some halloween additions to your minecraft world! I will be taking suggestions and any support left will be greatly appreciated.I used MCreator to make this mod. (

The mod adds some structures that can be found, amongst a few mobs and many edible assortments! Warning Halloween Creepers are extremely destructive.

The rainbow cookies are like mini Pride Flags, so those who want a cute rainbow flag items can put them up in your Minecraft Home.

I am not done with the mod, it is still going to be updated but I wanted to release it so long, so that others could help suggest some things or maybe even help me improve on it. 

Feel free to use this mod in any modpack or on your YouTube channel/streaming platform!

Feel free to DM me or comment, or message me on social media @JordanBienkie on both Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you enjoy! :D

In case the photos don't get embedded properly here is a link -


Whats in the mod? (Plus crafting Recipes)


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Version 1.2

A new giant jack o' lantern structure has been added!
A Summoning wand (Spider) is now craftable and summons a pet!

Pet that is summoned is Young Spider, fast and ride-able!

Air | String | Fermented Spider Eye

Air | Edible Stick | String 
Edible Stick | Air | Air

A new type of tree (logs and leaves and planks) has been added!

Leaves craft into a sapling, and logs into planks, planks can be used to make a new DARKWOOD CHEST that has 53 slots available.

Sad O' Lanterns can now hold a single item!




Added Halloween Deco lights! (3 types: Witchhats, jack o lanterns and skulls) Crafted with 3 string on the top row and either a chocolate bar, jack o lantern cookie, or fairy corpse in the middle slot.



Nice mod :)
I would recommend putting your update log in the changelog, rather than the description. Use the description to say a bit more about the premise of the mod.

Cool mod :)
You could add more shades to some textures (for example the grave)