Treated Food 2

Published by Uncle-Ele on Mon, 11/25/2019 - 21:08
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Cooking is old stuff, Salting even more!


Sorry If description may sounds confusing or with a poor grammar


After making the first Treated Food I thinked that It needed more way to treat food so here they are.

New ways to treat food

- Salting

Salting a raw food makes your food two values more nutritious then the normal raw version. Salt can be find near beaches or by smelting water bucket in furnace (

- Smoke

A smoked food is a raw food cooked with a Hot Coal ( A smoked food gives two food value more as a normal cooked one, and it's very saturating

- Putting In-Oil

An In-Oil food is a food which is putted into a jar of Beetroot Oil ( In-Oil food has the same food value as a normal cooked food, but it's very saturating

- Freezing

A frozen food is a compressed form of 8 foods but freezes using snow ( When cooking it it will give 8 piece of meat at the price of 1. A way to reduce coal usage

Other Items

- Jar

- Beetroot Oil

- Hot Coal

- Sea Salt

- Bucket of Salt

- Sea Salt Block





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I think small yet complex and detailed mods like this are just perfect! Keep up the good work :D