Merry Christmas - supermj767

Published by supermj767 on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 19:55
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Merry Christmas - supermj767


Happy new year!!!! :)


Gifts - come in red green and yellow and you can open and pack them (hopper compatible)

Candy cane - the perfect peppermint candy

Giant candy cane - a block that can be used to make giant candy canes and a portal to the wonderland!

Wonderland - a Dimension full of joy and cheer (and turkeys)

Candy cane fence - a decorative block that can be used in multiple different builds

Jolly - an effect that fills the player with joy!

Eggnog - mmm eggnog

Hot cocoa - Worlds best cocoa beverage

Gingerbread - you can make all sorts of things with this stuff

Ginger bread block - sandy...

Gingerbread stairs - Purely for decoration, and stairs

Gingerbread wall - Use this to keep Halloween away

Christmas decoration - a decoration that you can use to decorate your house with for christmas

Christmas lights - use this to light up the neighborhood

Ornaments - use these to decorate your large Christmas tree, come in yellow, green, red, blue,

Fake Nether star - use this for the top of your large Christmas tree

Gingerstone - Tough and tasty

Candy Cane gun - Use this to fight off unwanted guests

Glass shards - glass shards that come from broken ornaments

Weaponized candy cane - Ho Ho homicide!

Iceicle - pointy ice spike

Candycane Pickaxe - Yummy...

Candycane Axe - Choppin down large candy canes with this utensil

Candycane shovel - Double ginger bread harvesting with this tool

Candycane Hoe - Make a farm

Santa Hat - HO HO HO!

Giant Candy cane - how many licks does it take to get to the center?

Sandy Gingerstone - Sandy gingerstone for ginger deserts

Gingerbread snow - snow covered gingerbread

Raw turkey - Uncooked turkey

Cooked Turkey - Dinner!

Wishbone - What do you wish for?

Turkey - A thanksgiving turkey

Candycane Ore - Mine this and Candy canes come out

Hot cocoa - natuarally spawning liquid

Eggnog - delicous


How to use gift - Crouch right click to open GUI, put items into it and right click to watch them explode out, to reset do crouch right click again!

don't forget to upvote and download!


Don't publish my mods on other websites without my permission!

Thanks for reviewing my mod hope you have a merry Christmas and Good bye!






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Merry Christmas - supermj767 (1.12.2).jar - Merry Christmas - supermj767 (1.12.2) (1.0.0)397.72 KB
Merry Christmas - supermj767 (1.12.2) (1.0.1).jar - Merry Christmas - supermj767 (1.12.2) (1.0.1)432.52 KB

- Fixed texture for turkey

- Added recipe for candy cane gun

- made icesicle's spawn naturally

- Added candycane ore

- Added Hot cocoa liquid

- Added Eggnog liquid