Mesozoic Land

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A mod about the prehistoric times.


Added Mobs:



Added Blocks:

Crimson Forest Leaves

Crimson Forest Log

Crimson Forest Planks

Foliaged Dirt

Paleo Dirt


Added Items:

Time Machine Micro-Chip


Added Biomes:

Crimson Forest


Added Dimensions:

Paleo Dimension



Crimson Log Tools

As much Prehistoric Creatures as possible

More Biomes


Mod Team:

enzo7098631 (Lead Dev. and the person writing this)

SKELETRON [Discord Username]/kofoun [Curseforge Username] (Texturer)

Project members
Lead developer
Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

The t-rex looks cool, but you could improve the other textures

Yeah I currently have an in-dev version still in MCreator with improved textures but I’m only going to release 1.1 when it has more features other than just a dinosaur and a biome in a dimension.

I will probably leave the tree and leave textures un-touched since I wanted it to fit vanilla since I probably can’t texture vanilla-like trees, so I just changed the hue of default textures