Metals Expansion

Published by proxerater on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 21:18
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Metals Expansion takes minecraft materials to the next level, but keeping it simple.

(this is just a beta, barely anything is finished yet, this is just the start!)


The idea behind Metals Expansion is to take regular boring materials, and make them better, stronger, more useful.
New tools, armors, and metals can be created with the brand new metals made with your daily gemstones and materials.

It all starts with the diamond hammer.
This is the center of the mod, the most important tool.
Diamond is weak compared to whats being created, making it a one-use tool. (for now.)
The hammer is used to crush gems and materials to smithereens, making pure dusts.
These dusts can create metals strong, all in there own different ways.


Emerald are useful for tools.

Diamonds are strong and heavy, useful for armor related metals.

Ender pearls can be used for magical metals.


I'll leave you to explore the rest!


(WARNING: This mod just came out, and is still in beta. I will be working on this and adding new things every day, please give me a chance. thanks!)

((also NEI or JEI is extremely recommended for the recipes.))



Modification files

Update 1.0.