Defaulty 64x [Now with support of Elemental Mix!]

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Resource pack
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Hi! Im want to show resource pack - Defaulty 64x
This RP in resolution 64x64, so I don't think what everyone can use it :c
Here are some screenshots:


Mod Info:
Supported versions: 1.12.2 (coming soon), 1.14-1.16.1
Platforms: Java Edition

Mod supports:
Raolcraft Ω: Coming soon... (when was on 1.14.x+)
Ancient Realms: Coming soon...
Rotten Creatures: Coming soon...
RDM | Regular Deco Mod: Coming soon...
Enchanted Vanilla: Click here (supports latest 20w20a)

Arcane Craft II (1.15.2): Click Here (supports latest v1b)

Elemental Mix (1.15.2): Click Here (supports

More mod supports is coming...

Modification files - 1.12.78 MB - 1.02.39 MB

1.0 (Vanilla)
-Made all items (except clock and compass)
-Made all basic blocks
-Made some entities
-Made all 1.16.x content (not all, some of textures are not made)
1.0 (Enchanted Vanilla)
-Added full support
1.0 (Arcane Craft II)
-Added full support
1.0 (Elemental Mix)
-Added full support

1.1 (Vanilla)
-Added some new block textures
-Made grass smoother

Nice style (I don't like realistic), did you use one of these programs that change the theme of images (I think even can)?