The Underside (Not Finished)

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Introducing The Underside, an odd and bizarre place. Gather resources to travel to the oddest biomes yet (I never actually came up for a name, which is why it is testbiome as an element).

There is ONE ore that is the strongest as a sword. its rarer than netherite. Its called the O Ore. it only spawns in veins of either 1 or 2, and you have to get a diamond pickaxe to mine it.

Once you get this sword, you are unbeatable. no one will be able to stop you. I wish you the best of luck getting to the dimension, let alone finding this ore. ( i may up the generation rate a bit later on down the line, which if i do, i will keep you all updated)


(picture of some of the blocks and items: purifier is out of order for the moment)

(here are some screenshots of the upgrader)

(picture of the rare ore, O)

Hope you enjoy the mod!

Modification files

b1.0 = First Beta Release

Which is why i made it a late-game item. You need to get a blaze rod, 2 obsidian, 3 rotten blood (you can only get this from a custom structure i made and may only generate in the custom biome, where you have to get at least 10 blocks of emeralds to access), a window glass block (easy enough to craft, honestly), 2 diamond blocks, 1 emerald block, 2 water buckets, 1 iron block, and finally 1 iron ingot JUST to get the purifier. Then you need to purify the rotten blood and it will turn into purified blood, which is used to craft the ignition for the portal. You need 2 water buckets, 2 lava buckets, 4 purified blood, and a purifier to finally get the upgrade bench.