Published by Radikid on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 05:57
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1.2 is released! 1.3 is now in development :)






Please note: "Supported versions" are those which the game is developed on and tested on. This does not mean the mod doesn't work with other versions, so feel free to try it in your installations (but take this with a grain of salt). If you find a version where the mod is incompatible, please report it as a bug.


Are you ready to dive into a new dimension?


         Brave the Sapphyr and get totally rekt by the skittering creatures that lurk within. Although, they are the key to power. Collect their scales and you can stabilize Sapphyrine ore. This ore is only found beneath the Overworld and the Sapphyr and in small quantities. To collect it you must draw its power with the weaker and nightmarish Crimine. Drawing its power from the rocky bonds beneath will destabilize it and weaken the earth's hold, allowing collection.


"But wait, Radikid, how do I GET to the Sapphyr?"


         The unstable sapphyrine can be compacted into pure blocks which can be shaped into a portal frame. This much Sapphyrine when reacting with a Crimine Keystone will rip the fabric of the worlds allowing transportation to the surreal Sapphyr.



This mod includes:


A new, unique dimension

3 new ores

4 new mobs

25 new blocks

38 new items

6 new breathtaking biomes

75 new recipes

5 new achievements/advancements


Absolutely more to come!


Upcoming additions:


More passive Sapphyr mobs

Easier Crimine recipes

Sapphyr generated structures

New Sapphyr biomes

More mob drops

More mobs

New Sapphyrine mod related things in the Overworld. (The mod's primary content is in the new dimension, I want to be playing with a mod, not Minecraft+. If this is just a new monster or two or some underground structures is undecided.)

Balance updates


Modification files
sapphyrine1.1.1.jar - Sapphyrine 1.1.1 for ForgeUploaded on: 10/16/2020 - 08:12   File size: 9.83 MB
sapphyrine1.2.0.jar - Sapphyrine 1.2.0 for ForgeUploaded on: 04/25/2022 - 23:26   File size: 9.51 MB



Mod updated to 1.16.5 where it will probably stay.



-*Abandoned Research Outpost - The remnant of a secondary laboratory. Its purpose and architect unknown. Can be found rarely on the surface of the overworld in generally flat areas.

-*Cobalt Nest - This structure spawns occasionally in the Shining Pits biome and frequently in the new Infested Pits biome.

-*New structures coming 1.3 or 1.4 with some cool items and story stuff

*Reduced health of Echoing Stalker by 4. Increased damage of Echoing Stalker by 2.

*Increased health of Sapphyrscale by 1. Increased damage of Sapphyrscale by 5.

*Fixed some issues with Cobalt Webspinner.

*Cobalt Webspinners are no longer immune to lightning and drowning.

*Retextured or improved quality of various items and blocks. Also retextured Crimine Armor and Sapphyrine Armor.

*Fixed some recipes.

*Adjusted Blueshroom spawning.

*Rearranged Sapphyrine Creative Tab.

*Songbark Wood and products can no longer be used as fuel. (Developer note: One of the special things about Songbark is that it is not flammable. I realized that burning it as fuel in a furnace is contrary to this.)

*Added two new achievements.

*Added Music Disc - Great Expectations. Creative only right now, but will have a drop in 1.3.

*Songbark Planks can now be used to craft Chests.

*Block of Unstable Sapphyrine can no longer be deconstructed into 9 Unstable Sapphyrine. (Developer note: This is a fix for a game balance issue relating to portals.)

*Added Packed Block of Unstable Sapphyrine. This is crafted with 9 Unstable Sapphyrine and can be deconstructed into 9 Unstable Sapphyrine. (Developer note: This was added to preserve the ability to mass-store this ore like you would any other.)

*Nerfed the recipe for Block of Unstable Sapphyrine to make portals easier to build. Old: 9x Unstable Sapphyrine - New: 4x Unstable Sapphyrine.

*Fixed Crimine and Sapphyrine tool harvest levels.

*Renamed Songbark Wood to Songbark Log.

*Songbark Log now rotates like other logs.

*Adjusted harvest level requirements of some blocks for consistency and to account for Netherite. (Legend: O=Old N=New)
-*Shimmersand O-1 N-0
-*Block of Unstable Sapphyrine O-4 N-5
-*Block of Sapphyrine O-4 N-5
-*Songbark Log O-0 N-1
-*Songbark Planks O-0 N-1
-*Songbark Fence O-0 N-1
-*Mauvestone O-4 N-5

*Increased the average amount of Crimine Ore veins in a chunk by 1 and increased the average amount of Crimine Ore in a vein by 1.

*Cobalt Webspinners no longer announce to chat when they enrage.

*Cobalt Webspinners now make noise when they enrage.

*Added new, custom sounds to Echoing Stalkers!!

*Increased Absorption effect length from eating Glowing Mushrooms.

*Blueshrooms now drop 0-2 Leather (was 1).

*Added Uncured Keystone item. This is crafted with 5 Cobblestone and 2 Crimine Ingots (in the previous arrangement that you would place Stone and Crimine Ingots when crafting a Crimine Keystone).

*Crimine Keystone can no longer be crafted. Crimine Keystones instead can be obtained by heating Uncured Keystones in a Furnace.

*The recipe for Crimine Ingots is now learned when obtaining Chorus Fruit or Crimine Chunks after the Ender Dragon has been defeated. The recipes for Uncured Keystones, Crimine tools, Crimine armor, and Blocks of Crimine are now learned when obtaining Crimine Ingots.

*Sapphyrscale Skitterers no longer drop Crimine Nuggets.

*Slightly reduced the amount of particles that Echoing Stalkers produce.

*Sapphyr Portals are now animated!

*Sapphyr Portals now emit different particles.

*Cleaned up placeholder textures, unused code, and duplicate resources that were causing the mod file to be large. This update's file size is actually smaller than the previous version! :)


1.2 got so large that I had to move a lot of its features to 1.3 so I could get something new out! Stay tuned :)