Published by Radikid on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 05:57
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1.1 update has been released!




Please note: "Supported versions" are those which the game is developed on and tested on. This does not mean the mod doesn't work with other versions, so feel free to try it in your installations (but take this with a grain of salt). If you find a version where the mod is incompatible, please report it in the "Issues" tab.


Are you ready to dive into a new dimension?


         Brave the Sapphyr and get totally rekt by the skittering creatures that lurk within. Although, they are the key to power. Collect their scales and you can stabilize Sapphyrine ore. This ore is only found beneath the Overworld and the Sapphyr and in small quantities. To collect it though, you must draw its power with the weaker and nightmarish Crimine. Drawing its power from the rocky bonds beneath will destabilize it and weaken the earth's hold, allowing collection.


"But wait, Radikid, how do I GET to the Sapphyr?"


         The unstable sapphyrine can be compacted into pure blocks which can be shaped into a portal frame. This much Sapphyrine when reacting with a crafted Crimine Keystone will rip the fabric of the worlds allowing transportation to the surreal Sapphyr.


Also, you can craft Enchanted Golden Apples. Use this if you want; I missed it.


This mod includes:


A new, unique dimension

3 new ores

4 new mobs

19 new blocks

43 new items

5 new breathtaking biomes

65 new recipes

3 new achievements/advancements


Absolutely more to come!


Upcoming additions:


More passive Sapphyr mobs

Sapphyr generated structures

New Sapphyr biomes

More mob drops

More mobs

New Sapphyrine mod related things in the Overworld. (The mod's primary content is in the new dimension, I want to be playing with a mod, not Minecraft+. If this is just a new monster or two or some underground structures is undecided.)

Balance updates


Modification files
sapphyrine1.1.1.jar - Sapphyrine 1.1.1 for Forge9.83 MB




*Slightly nerfed Crimine Armor

*Massively increased durability of Sapphyrine Armor (this was unintentionally way too low)

*Increased durability of Crimine Pickaxe, Shovel, Sword, and Axe (these were at 2,000 when they should have been at 2,300)


1.2 soon!





*New blocks and recipes for them:

Songbark Slab

Songbark Stairs

Songbark Trapdoor

Songbark Door

Songbark Fence Gate


*Above blocks can be used as fuel


*Added alternate recipes for new and existing blocks


*Added Sapphyrine Bow and recipe

The Sapphyrine Bow shoots instantly, has a powerful shot, but has a short cooldown.


*Added new mod icon


*Added Sapphire Hills biome!

A hilly version of the Sapphire Plains. Always generates near Sapphire Plains.


*Added Blueshroom passive mob

The Blueshroom is a Mooshroom-like mob that wanders in herds.


*Added Glowing Mushroom food

Glowing Mushrooms drop from the Blueshroom. You may eat them to gain 1 hunger bar and temporary absorption!


*Added Sapphyrine tab for the creative inventory, and moved all items to the tab for easy keeping


*Added Shining Flats biome!

A smoother flats version of the Shining Pits.


*Shining Pits now always generates near Shining Flats


*Echoing Forest now always generates near Sapphire Plains.


*Added Mauvestone and Mauvestone Lump

These will be fuel for features coming in 1.2.0. I encourage you to go out and mine some so you have it when the update releases! Mauvestone generates underground and on the surfaces of the Shining Pits and Shining Flats biomes.


*Added Charged Fragment and its recipe

These are ammo for the Sapphyrine Bow.


*Added Songflower plant that spawns commonly in Echoing Forest, Sapphire Plains, and Sapphire Hills


*Added Glowbloom plant that emits light and spawns semi-rarely in Echoing Forest, Sapphire Plains, and Sapphire Hills


*Echoing Stalker will now dive so you can land melee attacks.


*Echoing Stalker has a retextured projectile


*Changed Songbark Wood and Sapphyrine Ore textures so that they are no longer blurry


*Added Cobalt Webspinner mob

This hostile Sapphyrine-infused spider lurks the Shining Pits and Shining Flats at night.


*Added Metallic Thread used to craft Sapphyrine Bow


*Added Shiny Strand that drops from Cobalt Webspinners and can be crafted into Metallic Thread