Genetic Technology Mod (Steel update!)

Published by fan19191 on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 19:37
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Genetic Technology Mod (G.T.M.) is in Beta and can contain errors.

G.T.M. is a mod with new materials and utilities

This mod v.0.3.75 contains more materials , Electricity , Pink Quartz , Plastic , Amber and much more!

Amber Extractor have only two utilities , extract the Amber and convert the mold into a sword

Modification files
Genetic Technology Mod 0.3.0.jar - The third version of the mod , 0.3.0405.87 KB
Genetic Technology Mod 0.3.15.jar - The solar energy update of the mod , 0.3.15471.54 KB
Genetic Technology Mod 0.3.55.jar - Roleplay and cooper update of the mod , 0.3.55496.25 KB
Genetic Technology Mod 0.3.75.jar - Steel and more update of the mod , 0.3.75577.03 KB

G.T.M. v.0.1.1(first version of the mod)  = Plastic , Electricity , Pink Quartz and other blocks and items

G.T.M. v.0.2.5 = Plastic , Electricity , Pink Quartz , Amber , Amber Extractor , Compsognathus DNA and more

G.T.M. v.0.3.0 = Solar Energy and more!

G.T.M. v.0.3.15 = Functional Solar Panels and normal batterys!

G.T.M. v.0.3.55 = Roleplay tab , cooper and more!

G.T.M. v.0.3.75 = Cooper tools and armor and steel ingot , block , tools and armor