The Dark Bloody Mod Series I

Published by GardonPL on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 22:14
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Hello, here I am a mod maker who is so adept he is suffocated by XDD It was a joke. Another of my mods is The Dark Bloody Mod, which adds a new dimension that is swarming with monsters, bosses and generally everything bad. I have briefly compiled a list of what the mod adds, so feel free to read.


How to build portals?

The Dark Bloody Portal - 14 redstone blocks and fire up the diamond wand.

Lumino Dimension Portal - You can find it in the structure, and buy a fuze.

Obscuro Dimension Portal - 14 coal blocks and light the flint and trias.


New Updates!



- A new path block has been added in cities and it appears instead of gravel!

- Structure generation has been refreshed again in this version!

- From this version, traders have a new look!



Series Final Resurrection - Storyline:

As it turns out, the eye of rebirth after being destroyed by the player went into outer space. There, for 10 years it has evolved to become a much more powerful and powerful Neozonic Eye. In this version, it drops to the Dark Bloody dimension, giving everyone a new divine power that makes everyone stronger than ever. This time the player has to defeat the incoming evil again and send it to the sand once and for all.



Bosses from previous versions return and become 10 times stronger and some of them have two attacks each!

Antico Distrutor:










- Added dynamite that can be thrown when it hits a block the area explodes, it is used to create tnt from 9 such dynamites you can make 1 TNT and vice versa!

- A rough launcher has been added which is both normal and ultimate! Normal deals about 3 damage, and ultimate deals 50!

- New steel tools, sword and armor available for purchase from villagers!

- New villagers: smiths, and increased trading with traders. See for yourself:



- As I said, new goods have been added for purchase from the trader, but I will not mention them because I would like you to see them for yourself!

- New utility block: Dark Bloody Anvil, found only in cities, impossible to create, with the function of turning steel things into things from a new material about which in a moment!



- There is a recipe in the magic table for the Neozonic Eye that we then have to put up and destroy and then face this eye:



- And this is how Neozonic Eye looks like a boss to defeat:


- A new resource has been added that is generated in a new dimension, also added for story objectives and for this ore. This ore is called Dobin Ore and it is generated at altitudes 8-6. We can make a sword, tools, armor or a block from the dobin. A new dimension is called Obscuro Dimension about which in a moment!

- A new world of Obscuro Dimension has been added which is as follows. We make a portal to this dimension out of coal blocks and light it flint and trias!

- Some new achievements have been added for Obscuro dimensions and more!

- Here is the only mob appearing in the Obscuro dimension - Dark Pantera with 25 HP and a new type of food drops out of it - Dark Pantera Rotten Flesh!


- A new type of food, Dark Pantera Rotten Flesh, which, after eating, gives a surprise and an interesting effect!

- The only new structure has been added in the Obscuro Dimension dimension, the Obscurtrugos Temple, which is rarely generated there. It is the temple of Obscurtrugos himself!



- A new type of mushroom has been added, the orange mushroom that is generated in the world of Obscuro! You can collect it and eat it, and what will happen after you eat it? This is also a surprise!

- Of course, Ground and Stone have also been added for Obscuro Dimension!

- Added 3 new effects that can be imposed on us by some bosses: freeze, burning effect and the curse of the Neozonic Eye!

- The ability to trade with Lerro has been added and the mob itself appears in the Dark Bloody dimension a little less frequently!


- From Lerro, as you can see, we can buy a new green mushroom that is edible and it is also a surprise what the effects are after its consumption!

- New types of trees are generated on the Grindmare and Whelfile biomes, and the trees themselves are now generated two types!





- The bleeding effect no longer comes in bottles!

Archaic Crown achievement is in a separate category!

- Bosses from this version are 2 times stronger and have 2 times more health. Why? You will learn when you read the plot of this version. And I post pics with their new looks:

Antico Distrutor:






Luminosoradii who is also a boss from this version and he has been slightly weakened:







Series Misteric - Storyline:

The bosses were defeated by the players in the previous version, but they did not die. In the misteric series, the Eye of Rebirth drops to the world of Dark Bloody, making bosses twice as powerful and with a new look! Our job is to defeat them again and recreate the Eye of Rebirth in order to put it back on the ground and then destroy it once and for all!




New Possession by Solario effect added. Who is Solario? It's in a moment. This effect causes one great massacre with our body!

- Well, it's time for that ugly Solario XDD. This mob is an aggressive mob that has 40 HP and shows up everywhere! Sometimes it can poison us with the new effect I have already mentioned. His own eye falls out of it:


- Another new mob is Crank, no kidding, that's what I called him XD. It has 50 HP, it drops raw cow meat and its only task in this bizarre world is attention! Bring Solario upright and kill him because this mob is hostile to him:


- The last new mob of this update is Liup, a new mob for the Lumino Dimension! Which has 25 HP and drops from Redstone Lamp:


- From this version, the magic table has been extended with additional slots for stones that fall from the bosses: Amber and Trias, and a stone that drops from Luminosoradi, which is the logical name: Lumino Gem!

- New achievements have been added!

- It's time for the last novelty, I know that there will be little but no updates. Here's how to make that whole eye of rebirth:



- Of course, a joke is not the last XD thing. The last things will be serious now. Let's start with Great Fury, an item that allows us to shoot with Solario's bullets! At the moment you can only buy it from the NPC!

- And the last thing - Chopper Axe! A powerful weapon available only from NPCs, it deals massive damage of exactly 40 and when attacking it deals the following effects: bleeding and possession by Solario!



- Old bosses and their content have been removed

- Some of the weapons have been improved!

Dark Thunder is called Obscurtrugos from this version!


Individual groups of them have been added to the weapons:

Rare Item

Unique Item

> Legendary Item

> Mythic Item

- An official storyline for this mod has been entered!




The modification tells about a land consisting of 3 biomes: Grindmare, Whelfile and Sharelands, these three lands are commanded by new bosses: Antico Distrutor - Sharelands, Orecchio - Whelfile,
Malefuo - Grindmare. There are also: Attempting to take over the whole dimension - main villain: Obscurtrugos, Guardian of Justice, main good character, ruler of the new dimension of Lumino Dimension: Luminosoradii. Our goal as a player is to help defend Dark Bloody, get all achievements, kill bosses and bring order.


3 new bosses added:

Antico Distrutor:

Leader and defender of the Sharelands biome. He has 500 HP and he is one of the strongest bosses, his attack is powerful and he can even knock back!



Ruler of the Whelfile biome. The only boss with two attacks, one normal and one ranged death. It has 480 HP.



Leader of the Grindmare biome. Fireball shooters, powerful and always ready to fight. It has 490 HP.


- Added the ruler of the Lumino Dimension dimension: Luminosoradii, which is not a boss but has 600 HP and can get stronger when hit:


And of course Obscurtrugos with which only his name has changed and it has everything the same as before:


- New effect added: Bleeding. This effect is similar to instant damage, except that it works on everyone!

- Another stone slot has been added to the magic table: fenize, which drops from bosses, or you can buy it from NPCs about which later.

- New wards to summon 3 new bosses. Their recipe is presented below:







New achievements for new bosses have been added!

- New weapons have been added, but I won't tell you what, just that you can buy them from NPCs!

- Dark Bloody Coins have been added to serve as currency for NPCs!

- We can get these coins by killing mobs from the Dark Bloody dimension and for achievements also from this dimension.

- And finally new NPCs who are divided into regular NPCs and traders with whom we can trade. They are divided into 3 biomes. They appear in new cities about which in a moment. What it looks like is presented below:


- There is one more type of NPC from which we can buy an igniter for the Lumino Dimension!


- A new portal structure has been added to the Lumino Dimension. This is the only way to get into this dimension through this structure:



- A new dimension has been added: Lumino Dimension, we can access it via the portal. It has new blocks, structures, a new kind of food and a mob!


- New Eila plant that comes in normal and enchanted versions!

A new type of mob: Gailero. This mob is neutral and has 20 HP and Gailero Leather drops out of it after death!


- New structures in this dimension: the gold well, which is the most generated, and the temple of Luminosorandi!




- New Lumino Dimension achievements have been added!

- Added Lumino Crown which is a trophy and artifact of Lumino Dimension so to speak!

New cities have been added where we can find new NPCs. They are divided into:

Libero City - Grindmare:


San Berro - Whelfile:


Varromore - Sharelands:




- Ore production has changed!

- New Russum Log texture!

- Unique items such as Master Sword, Flame Trident and Explosion Ax deal much more damage!

- Structure generation is now improved!

- Enchanted Blue Gean can also be eaten when our hunger is full and has new effects when eating!

- Added stairs, slab and wall to Dark Stone!


- Two new ores have been added: Swirling Agate at levels 13-9 and Shiny Platinium at levels 12-5!

- The Dark Bloody Biom has been removed and replaced with three new ones:







- 2 new types of Dark Bloody Ground have been added and the old one has been changed in favor of new biomes!

- A new Windux Log wood type has been added to the Whelfile biome!

- New Whelfile mushrooms have been added to spawn in the Whelfile biome!

- We can make a sword, tools, armor, blocks from new ores, and even a bow from Shiny Platinum!

- 2 new achievements for new ores have been added!

- Some new achievements have been added!

- New structure in the Sharelands biome!

- Added three new stones: Amethyst, Kryptonite and Topaz, they will be needed, but we'll find out what for later!

- Magic Table has been added, in which we can perform the ritual of summoning a new boss:



- The totem shown in the picture is a totem to summon a new boss!

- Added a new boss, Dark Thunder, which shoots at us with powerful orbs of darkness. He has 500 HP and upon death he leaves his soul, which does not apply yet. It will only be valid in version 1.2!

Dark Thunder


- Ores are generated twice as often with this version!

- Bosses don't show up. Therefore, bricks with their likenesses were added to their construction, which recall them when we stand on such a block!

- Long grass has been added and it is now growing in the world of Dark Bloody!

- A new fruit has been added: Blue Gean which we can get from Blue Gean Bush which is also growing in the world of Dark Bloody!

- An enchanted version of the Blue Gean fruit has been added that adds loads of effects after eating!

- A new drop for Orgie has been added, the Orgie's cookie that we can eat and it will heal our hunger!

- Many new mod achievements have been added!


Construction of the portal:

So we build the portal using redstone blocks and light it with a diamond wand.


New ores:

We have three raw materials because three is an exceptional number that signifies the beginning, middle and end. Back as I said, there are three new ores:

Bloody Brown - red ore found on levels 58-15.

Cursed Sapphire - Violet ore found from level 52 to 13.

Frenzy Jasper - a bright green redhead you can't afford anyway! It is located on levels 12-5.



New wood:

Wood Oh yes, I finally added some wood, a miracle! And seriously, there is a wood called Russum Wood in the modification! We can make everything possible from wood, except for a button or pressure plates.


New Mobs:

Time for mobs, that is, on the one hand, the most beloved beings in minecraft, and on the other hand, nightmares, and on the third, also XD beasts.

Dark Bloody Zombie:

Dark Bloody Zombie

It has 20 health points, it is generated very often in the world and it drops rotten flesh.

Smart Creeper:

Smart Creeper

Why smart? Oh, you won't find out, but I will give you a hint when fighting him, focus on what he does with the explosion. Has 15 HP and drops gunpowder.

Terribly Sweet:

Strasznie słodkie

The creature I will say looks scary. It spawns a lot around the world, has 25 HP, and drop a bones, gunpowder and spider eye.



The world has not seen such a minotaur. It is a big and strong mob, it appears sometimes and by the way it has 50 HP and it drops leather and even a diamond!

Lerro and Lerro Pig:

LerroLerro Pig

Lerro is a neutral mob that moves around this world and nothing drops out of it. He has 20 HP and when he dies he transforms into Lerro Pig, who has 10 HP and leaves the meat of the pig. To be honest, it's better to die in his place than turn into a piglet, but ok.

Dark Bloody Dungeon Guard:

DB Dungeon Guard

Defender of dungeons appearing as new structures in the world of Dark Bloody. Mob armed with a bloody brown sword and a shield with 20 HP and dropping nothing.

Fragrant Demon Slave:

F Slave

Servant and personal bodyguard of one of the modification bosses! He is armed with a bloody brown sword and wears fire boots with which to make a fire! You can find them in a dungeon or get them from this mob, although it's difficult. It has 25 HP.

Magna Grum Slave:

MG Slave

Servant of one of the bosses of the mod and it's obvious by his name. He can fly and shoots deadly snowballs at the player! It has 30 HP and does not miss anything.


New Bosses:

We have three pretty powerful mates with life upstairs. Each of them is distinguished by the amount of health, way of fighting, drops and appearance. So it's time to introduce them:

Snake Fang:


A reptilian boss that can poison the player and is his only blow that can deal the player. It has 200 HP and can be found in one of the structures generated in the modification. He drops leather, a diamond, an ender eye, a amethyst, an ancient armor that I will tell you about later, and an explosion axe, and I'll tell you about it too.

Fragrant Demon:


The guy with whom you no longer forgive. This monster has 260 HP and in battle it uses its trident and generates its servants to help. Spawns in structure and drops from gunpowder, frenzy jasper, kryptonite, nether star, ancient armor and his trident.

Magna Grum:


One of the toughest mod bosses, at least in my opinion! A boss appearing in a white structure that can fly and shoots you with bolts of lightning and supports his servants. It has 370 HP and a diamond, frenzy jasper, topaz, dragon head, ancient armor and a master sword that I will talk about for a long time fall out of it.


Legendary items and armor:

Ancient Armor:



Strong armor with 1000 damage points and 5 defense points! It only drops from bosses and we can't make it.

Legendary Items:


Explosion Axe:


An ax with strong damage which has a special effect of an explosion if you attack the entity. Dropped by Snake Fang.

Flame Trident:


Demon's Fragrant Trident falling out of it. Its effect is to shoot fire projectiles by clicking the right mouse button.

Master Sword:


The best weapon in the entire modification. Deals certain damage and drops Magna Grum. It heals yourself with the right mouse button.



And that would be enough, I know a little about it, but I have presented the things that are necessary for you to discover. Feel free to download the mod and rate it positively!


Older versions:




Modification files
The Dark Bloody Mod v1.4 1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 01/10/2021 - 13:30   File size: 7.67 MB
The Dark Bloody Mod v1.3 1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 12/26/2020 - 22:52   File size: 2.81 MB
The Dark Bloody Mod v1.2 1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 12/22/2020 - 16:14   File size: 2.39 MB
The Dark Bloody Mod v1.1 1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 12/05/2020 - 18:51   File size: 4.03 MB

I honestly did not expect to win. Never in my life have I created a mod you like so much that it will be awarded the MOTW title. Thank you for such a positive assessment!

Submitted by meliodas321 on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 04:18 Permalink

what do i make the portal out of? or is there no portal? idk im noob

The Dark Bloody Portal - 14 redstone blocks and fire up the diamond wand.

Lumino Dimension Portal - You can find it in the structure, and buy a fuze.

Obscuro Dimension Portal - 14 coal blocks and light the flint and trias.

What the freak dude? Your mod is EPIC! Wow! I guess you practised a lot with MCreator to do this!
Really cool!

This looks like a pretty cool mod.

If I could make a suggestion, you could add more plants like custom grass or other plants to make your dimensions feel more alive.

Okay and I know what you mean and I also wanted to add some grasses and other plants, but at some point I focused on the mechanics and other additions in this modification and it just flew somewhere, but the second time I will add more of these plants: D

Submitted by Mr. Egg on Sun, 01/17/2021 - 17:03 Permalink

Well looks like SOMEBODY isn't moderating the mod names anymore!
I can't put Minecraft in my mod name but people can put bloody in their mod name? I mean...I get why you can't put Minecraft in the name; copyright, but still.

I doubt this has to do with copyright. The most likely thing is that the name you have chosen has already been chosen in the past. You could either change your mod name entirely or add some cosmetics to the name of the mod in the MCreator Website but not change the actual name players will see in game.