Pokemon Reload

Published by Dirfoxpyt on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 06:17
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(I clarify, this mod has the rights of Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Game Freak)


Hi, I come with the Pokemon Reloaded mod, make minecraft a pokemon world,


Well these are the items.




-Healing Machine


-Pc pokemon


-Lightning stone


-Poke Mount


-Black tinted iron


-Red tinted iron


pokemons centers will be generated in the world it is more likely to appear with villagers


The pokemons:


-Bulbasaur -Ivysaur  -Venusaur  -Charmander -Charmeleon -Charizard -Squirtle -Wartortle -Blastoise -Caterpie -Metapod -Butterfree -Weedle -Kakuna -Beedrill -Pidgey-Pidgeotto -Pidgeot -Rattata -Raticate -Spearow -Fearow -Ekans -Arbok -Pikachu -Raichu (with alola shape) -Sandshrew -Sandslash -Exegcute -Exeggcutor (alola form too)


Well, that's all

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