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Published by fishcute on Wed, 04/21/2021 - 23:10
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 About This Mod

This mod brings a whole new level of dungeon crawling to the game of Minecraft. But these dungeons are nothing normal. Ancient spirits have hidden the true potential of these dungeons, and the only way to reveal this potential is to activate a dungeon heart. These dungeons bring impressive wealth to those who hunt them. But great loot comes with a great obstacle. Those who tread these ancient stones will be cursed with something beyond their imagination. 

This mod (sort of) contains a tutorial within it that teaches the player the basics of activating these dungeons, and what to do. Now, you might think that this is just another boring dungeon mod, but no! This mod adds in some custom mechanics, and loot that is impossible to get in survival mode. This loot contains impossible enchantments, a custom name, and a flawless horrible totally perfect imperfect lore generator.

Of course, something that contains such powerful loot must be hard to get.

 Dungeon Traps

Dungeon Traps


Weapon ExamplesDungeon Loot

Dungeon loot was custom coded to allow for randomized enchantments, lores, and names. This works by setting a list full of variables, then using Random.nextInt. This probably isn't the most effective way to generate a random name/lore.

These dungeons can contain some very powerful loot. There are currently two tiers of loot, Normal Item Cases, and Mythical Item Cases. Both of these types can have enchantments beyond vanilla's possibility. Normal Items will have a cyan name, and Mythical Items will have a golden name.

All items will also have a lore, or story behind them. The lore may be a bit confusing, as it was basically a bunch of sentences randomly selected from a list, then put together. I just thought this would be a fun addition to the items and give them some more life. This lore generator is subject to change.

Most items that are given by any case will have a random amount of durability taken off of it. Mythical Items will have less durability taken off of them as they will consist of diamond and Netherite gear. Gear can consist of helmets, chestplates, leggings, boots, swords, and axes. I am planning to add bows eventually. 

Normal Item Cases are the most common item cases that are found in the dungeon. These items can be found in any chest around the dungeon. Items that are given by this case are either iron, or diamond gear.

Mythical Item Cases are very rare items, and can only be found in specific loot chests. These cases will give better items than normal Item Cases. Another special thing unique to normal Item Cases is that they can either give diamond, or even Netherite armor. Normal Loot Cases will give either iron armor and diamond armor.

And yes, I know the mythical item example does less damage than the normal item example. Ignore this.

 Loot Enchantment Graph


Possible Enchantments


 In the Dungeon

When activating a dungeon, you might notice that everything has became darker. This is because you have gained an effect called "Dungeon's Curse" or "Curse of the Dungeon". This effect will turn your brightness and render distance down. While you have this effect on, you cannot adjust these settings. I may make this togglable in the future. Once the effect has worn away, your previous settings will be restored (If something goes wrong, a message will be sent in chat).

You may also notice a small little bar on the right of your hot bar. This bar will only show when you are in a dungeon, or have "Dungeon's Curse" applied. This is your sanity bar. Your sanity bar is sort of like sanity in the game Phasmophobia. If you are not within a light level of 10 or above, your sanity level will start dropping. Once your sanity gets to around 1-2 bars, you will start going insane. During this time, you are given a bunch of bad effects, more monsters will spawn around you, and you will basically be in a nightmare. In order to regenerate sanity, stay in a light level of 10 or above. It is important to have torches, or another light source on you at all times  in the dungeon. Sanity will regenerate faster than it will decline, so keep this in mind. 

Sanity Bar

There is another method to increase sanity, and this is to use the Potion of Stability. This potion can be brewed with a ghast tear going into Chorus Powder. This potion will increase your sanity, even when you are in the darkness. This can be helpful if you are either too poor to get enough torches (and have enough materials to make this potion), or if you just need your sanity to be increased for some time. 

Recipe for the Potion of Stability

Recipe for Potion


 Finding the Dungeons

If you want to enter a dungeon, you need to find one, of course. You will find dungeon entrances, which are decently rare, and can be found throughout the world. The dungeon entrance will look like a ruined structure with some pillars. These dungeon entrances will lead into a long spiral staircase that will go down to the dungeon heart. The dungeon heart will usually be located around y:45 to y:30.


Planned Features

  • Better Dungeon Generation
  • Multiple Levels to dungeons
  • More content (New rooms, Traps, and hallways)
  • Easier way to find dungeons (Explorer maps, compass?)
  • Server compatibility
  • More advancements

Known Issues

  • Dungeon parts will overlap each other occasionally
  • ❗ Dungeons might fail to generate correctly, and spawn the maze ending pieces
  • Mod may not work on servers 
  • Some major functions of the mod will not work on peaceful mode
  • ❗ When entering different worlds/servers while previously having Dungeon's Curse, the gamma and render distance may not revert.
  • Floor drop traps are too loud
  • "Dungeon Crawlers" will naturally spawn
  • (4/30/2021) Potion effect "Dungeon's Curse" will sometimes not be given to players in dungeon

Quick Tips

  • You can trigger bear traps by throwing an item on them
  • Floor drop traps can be triggered by right clicking on them and throwing an item on them
  • (Warning) Items will be deleted if they hit a spike trap and things like that
  • (Warning) Redstone torches will not increase sanity

All textures in this mod have been created by me, fishcute. Some of you may remember my Maze Generator mod. Now that I think of it, it didn't fit the "maze" part of it's name. This mod is a completely new version, and contains some very new mechanics. The old maze mod will no longer be updated.

Enjoy, and don't die!

Also, this is me rewriting this whole section as I accidently deleted all my recent progress.

If you have any suggestions or feedback (and bug reports), please let me know in the comments!

I am also currently very busy with a few other projects, so the update may not be complete for some time.

Modification files
edg_1.0.0.jar - Fixes (removes) descriptions for a few itemsUploaded on: 04/21/2021 - 23:41   File size: 649.91 KB

1.0.0 - Biggest update so far! Mod created.

Forgot to fix an inconsistency with item descriptions, going to fix this right now.

Now THIS looks awesome. I like the addition of a sanity bar, something you don't see everyday.

Congratulations on winning Mod of the Week :)
I really love the special effects the dungeon has :D

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