Nether's Exoticism

Published by Furti on Fri, 09/10/2021 - 17:32
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Nether's Exotism is a mod that adds 5 exotic fruits that exist in real life, each nether biome receives a fruit. You can consume these fruits directly and have some special effects, but you can also do something else with them...
I'm French and this mods has made with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 

Here are the 5 fruits that are added by Nether Exoticism, the Jabuticaba (Spawn in Basalt Deltas and give a "Cure" effect), the Kiwano (Spawn in Warped Forest and give a "fire resistance" effect) the Rambutan (Spawn in Nether Wastes and give a "regeneration" effect), the Buddha's Hand (Spawn in Soul Sand Valley and give a "night vision" effect), and the Pitaya (Spawn in Crimsom Forest and give a "wither cure" effect) !

You can make blocks, they are used to store but also to decorate

Here are the fruit trees :


With the trees of Jabuticaba and Rambutan, you can make planks, doors, slabs, stairs ... like wood.


With rambutan you can make a helmet and shield that does damage to the entity around


You can do a lot of other things with the fruits, with the Kiwano, you can make an armor and tool set that automatically cooks whatever you break with it, and the bag can hold various items.

With Jaboticaba Jam you can make new potions ! (Wither Cure, Fire Resistance, Saturation and Night Vision) You can put Nether's Exoticism in your modpack !

Modification files

Man, this looks absolutely incredible! I love the effects, and the wood looks great! I am excited to see where this mod goes!

I think I know the next MOTW. The mod page is very well worked and textures are yet another time amazing! :D