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Published by Lord_Gator on Sun, 11/28/2021 - 17:38
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This is a mod with 6 custom potions both good and bad. They all have custom brewing recipes.

Potion of the village: awkward potions and an emerald block allows you to easily get hero of the village

Potion of the dolphin: awkward potions and a raw cod allows you to get dolphins grace that easily

Potion of health: a golden apple and some awkward potions will allow you to get 2 extra hearts

God potion: every single positive affect in the game for 8 min and all you need is a notch apple and awkward potions

Rabbit potions: either a swiftness potion and a rabbit foot or a jump boost potion and sugar allow you to get jump boost and speed in the same potion

Harmful potion: allows you to afflict every single negative effect for 8 min. All you need is a god potion and a fermented spider eye



Update! There are now 3 more potions! and 2 new items.

The super swiftness potion which is a upgraded swiftness potion is made with awkward potions and a super sugar which you can craft with 9 sugar

There is also a super strength potion which is made with awkward potions and a enchanted blaze powder which is crafted with 9 blaze powder

You can also brew experience bottles with lapis and water bottles



Update! There are 6 new potions and 3 new items.

The super jump boost potion is crafted with an enchanted rabbits foot which is 9 rabbits feet and an awkward potion

The super regeneration potion which is an enchanted ghast tear which is 9 ghast tears and an awkward potion

The super luck potion is a lucky clover which is 9 lily pads and an awkward potion

The haste potion allows you to get haste without a beacon for coal and awkward potions

The adrenaline potion which gives you speed 4, haste 4, and jump boost 4 for just a coco bean and awkward potions

Finally, the ice potion. This potion freezes whoever gets hit by it for just 1 blue ice and awkward potions


New Potions and items:

Toxic mushroom 8 brown/red mushrooms surrounding a fermented spider eye

Toxic potion: A toxic mushroom and awkward potions

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