End's Phantasm

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I had a dream... The dream of a lush world, yet weird and perilous. The dream of a place where only limit is imagination...

Luckily, my dream came true. And it’s only the first one among lots of others...




Have you ever thought the End was little too... empty? Then, this mod is for you!


End’s Phantasm (or in short, Phantasm), is a mod intended to be the vanilla friendly End update that we don't have. It currently features one biome, but more are planned (remember that this is a beta version).


To gain access to what it has to offer, you first have to kill the Dragon, as usual. Nothing is changed before this point. The mod actually improves the outer End isles, beyond the gateway. But once there, prepare for a (I hope) breathtaking view!

More info about this place, the Dreaming Den, below:


Noticed the Stars in the End sky? The Dreaming Den is so called because it actually comes from their dreams.


It’s a quite peaceful biome to live in. This place features yellow wooded Pream trees, along Vivid Nihilium and small Putac mushrooms covering the ground, and the usual Chorus Flowers. You may also rarely encounter Arcane trees, mysterious builds or naturally occurring things made from stripped Pream, that feature an Arcane Bookshelf in their trunk.


But the classic Endermen, one new mob spawns there: Dee Jays are new bird like animals that will flee if you happen to come too close. They’ll drop Dee Fluff, that can be used to craft Headphones. They also may give you a new music disc if you manage to get them to trust you enough.

There are a few changes to the generation too: Raw Purpur stripes now appear on the cliffs of the isles!


The Dreaming Dens also have two sub biomes:

Crystal Crags is the first, and probably the first you’ll encounter. It features Crystal spikes sprouting out of the ground (a new material, building block, and Redstone component), as well as semi rare Crystalilies around them. Last but definitely not least, Crysties spawn here! These little crystalline fairies will heal you on touch, and can be bottled to save your life from anywhere in the inventory.


The second, most dangerous and weirdest one is called the Underisland. It basically consists of the bottom side of the End isles, which will have lush, climbable Oblivines growing from Oblivion. Why would you ever want to risk your life for some pesky blocks? Well, two reasons: First, you can harvest useful Ebon Berries from Oblivines. Second, Crystals grow here too, and some of them may be corrupted by the Void: if you want to use them to craft weapons, you’ll need some of these special ones.


And finally, you’ll probably quickly notice that there are things in the not so empty anymore void around you: huge Putac mushrooms are growing from the deepest parts of it. These big variants of the ones growing on the isles are very bouncy and can be used as launch platforms for your elytra! They can also serve as funny yet risky way to traverse the distance between the main islands. And lastly, their stem is made of dark Ebony Wood.


And there are lots of other things you’ll discover as your journey in this no more devoid, but lush and weird world progress!


MCreator pride flag!

Modification files
End's Phantasm - v1.0.0.0 - 1.16.5.jar - Initial releaseUploaded on: 01/07/2022 - 15:22   File size: 6.24 MB
End's Phantasm - v1.0.1.5 - 1.16.5.jar - Hotfix #1Uploaded on: 01/19/2022 - 11:27   File size: 6.39 MB

v1.0.1.5 - Hotfix:

-Changed textures for Vivid Nihilium, Stellium tools and Stellium blocks, Ebony woodset and Pream leaves

-Renamed Stripped Ebony Log to Packed Stripped Ebony Stems

-Fixed Crystie drops

-Updated the mod logo

-Added a few wip blocks for 1.1 (creative only for now, and don't have any uses)

suggestion: maybe add some kind of new other material? If not, O holy pikachu, that is fine :D

one thing i like about this mod just by looking at it is that it feels like it could be a genuine update. you kept the original feel of the end and improved it, kinda like the nether update in vanilla.

also the oblivines at the bottom seem like they could make for some funni parkour battles :

Hey! I remember seeing your mod in discord. Even its trailer!

It had to be in MOTW! I love how the biomes look, their palette, etc..