Superior Smithing

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  As things are, the smithing table has, (count ‘em), nine measly recipes, leading one to wonder why, exactly, it even ought to be its own crafting station. To better recognize this beautiful little block’s full potential, I’ve taken it upon myself to let you use (almost) any vanilla material to modify (nearly) every piece of equipment in the game.

  Now, using the Smithing Table, you can combine the likes of Leather, Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Netherite Scrap with any tool, weapon, or piece of armor. (With the notable exception of ranged weapons, which I may or may not get to later.) Different modifications have different ambient benefits, and all can be removed using a grindstone.

  Modifications for your tools are compatible with enchantments- and on the subject of enchantments, you can now make use of four new enchantments I also took it upon myself to add. (Curse of Severing, Lunar Effigy, Curse of Memory, and Life Sink)

  …Also, as I was designing and testing the over 900 unique items you can make with this, (most of them dyed variants of leather-bound items), I happened to notice that the crafting table, (Unlike, say, every other crafting station in the game), has no sound effects. So I added those too.


     I won't go over all the specifics here, but if you're interested in the ambient benefits of different modifications, functions of different enchantments, (Curse of Memory is my personal favorite), and pain I went through to make unique items for every single variation of dye, check out the Curseforge or Planet MC pages for more details!

Modification files
SuperiorSmithingV1.5.jar - The first release of 'Mindthemood's Marvelous Modifications'Uploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 21:50   File size: 3.18 MB
  • Added smithing functionality to gold, iron, copper, diamonds, and netherite scrap; and corresponding variants to all vanilla armor, tools, and weapons.
  • Overhauled Grindstone GUI to accommodate modified items.
  • Added distinct sound effects for crafting different items.
  • Added four new enchantments.
  • Tweaked villager trades and vanilla loot tables to include modded items.

sounds cool, you realy took effort to make this much items and item textures.