In the End

Published by ItisMax on Thu, 09/08/2022 - 18:26
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In development
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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Created using mod maker MCreator -


+13 Blocks

+24 Items

+4 Mobs (one being a new Boss Enemy)

+1 Plant

+3 Ranged Weapons

+6 Structures

+12 Tools

This Mod focuses on adding more to the vanilla game without trying to heavily rework the way you play the game.


I added new Sapphire Tools which are faster but more fragile than Netherite. And using the new End Ore called "Endite" allows you to upgrade Netherite even further to become Endite Gear.

The New Sapphire Tools can be combined to get turned into a new Tool called the "Multitool" which has the abilities of swords,pickaxes,shovels and axes.


There is an item called the  "Cursed Sword" which you obtain by repairing a broken Sword (which can be found within the new End Structures) and once you obtain this Cursed Sword you only need to hit a Mob which summons this Boss called "The Wisp" that upon death drops a single "Strong Wisp Essence" which can then be used to craft things like Mob Spawners.


One of the new Items added is called "Empty Talisman" which you can craft into various new Talisman which once you right click gives you a specific Potion Effect for a certain Time (the Items can be used infinetly but have a Cooldown)


I even added new Structures,Food items etc but i want you to find these things yourself.


This Mod is relatively Early in Development so anything can and will change

i will keep you all updated as much as possible and you can send me Feedback through Twitter ( @MaxgotdaPower )


Credit to @saltsedits on Twitter for the Mod name,  some Textures (like the Sapphire Ore Texture)



Modification files
Intheendv.1.0.1.jar - A Mod that adds new Tools,Blocks,Items,Mobs and Structures to add onto the Minecraft ExperienceUploaded on: 09/08/2022 - 23:10   File size: 1.05 MB
Intheendv.1.0.2.jar - A somewhat bigger Update that changes around the Balancing and Mechanics of existing thingsUploaded on: 09/12/2022 - 10:58   File size: 1.06 MB

-Changed some Names 
-Changed around the Placements of the Items within the Creative Inventory
-Reduced Max Damage taken/Durability from Endite Armor by 10 (50 to 40)
-Increased Endite Armor Damage Reduction by 1 for every armor piece
-reduced Endite Armor Toughness by 0.2
-Made Ruby veins slightly smaller on average
-Regular Ruby Ore can now be found on Y-14 (was Y-12 before)
-You cannot find both Versions of the Ruby Ore on Y-0 anymore (now only the Deepslate Variant)
-Changed around the Blast resistance of some Blocks 
-Changed the texture of the ruby ores to further distinguish it from redstone
-reduced Corrupted Endstone spreading
-Automatic Crossbow shots now use a Model instead of the Ammo texture
-Changed Recipe of Automatic Crossbow Ammo to 1 Iron Nugget and 1 Iron Bar (was 2 Iron Bars Previously)
-Reduced the Amount of Automatic Crossbow Ammo you get via crafting by 3
-The Wisp now doesnt despawn when Idle 
-You can now also Obtain Corrupted Goo from cleaning corrupted Endstone
-changed around Harvest Levels, repair Items, Damage, Attack Speed etc. of a bunch of the Tools to be more aligned with each other
-Made Corrupted Endstone spread slower
-Nerfed the Diving Helmet Armor Values (4 to 2)
-Diving Helmet now loses durability while in Water (1 per tick)
-Increased Diving Helmet durability (20 to 300)
-The Diving Helmet now fixes itself while the Player is outside of Water
-The End Goo Block now has less Blast resistance
-Buffed Endstone Cleaner durability by 12 (32 to 48)
-Increased Talisman of Water Breathing Duration and Cooldown by 300 ticks
-Corrupted Endstone now checks if the Entities on it are either Mobs,Creatures or Players (this is to fix the issue of Items getting Destroyed by the Block)