The Rift (Sculk Dimension)

Published by UIz3310 on Sun, 11/27/2022 - 00:49
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Have you ever wondered if there was a dimension after the End? Did you wonder what it is? Its this mod! The Rift adds a new dimension that (currently) has 9 biomes. The Pulsation Forest, Tinko Forest, The Lonelywood Delta, The Eiyh (pronounced "EE-ai") Gloomwastes, The Slabstone Trunks, The Echosoil Sea, The Bubbolober Pines, and The Regobble Forest (I was actually thinking about goblins for some reason o_0) 

How to get to the dimension

Find an Ancient City, remove any sculk veins on the portal structure, then light it with a Pulsator.

Pulsator Recipe




0 = nothing/leave empty

x = lapis lazuli

z = powdered sculk

y = shears

How to obtain Powdered Sculk 101

Go to the deep dark, find a Soul Sentry(which looks like a skinnier warden), kill it (without getting killed)

Plants Native to this dimension



*gives you a pulsarfruit if you break it >:D



Tinko Shroom




*what a gloomy fungus

*can't glow because its gloomy >:P


*drops gloomfruits

Native Mobs

Soul Sentry


*does stuff


*attacks soul sentries

*attacks haunts




*attacks player for no reason >:D

Wurt Golem


*doesn't do anything but walk ( <> _ <> )

And other mobs that i'm too lazy to put in here :P


Hope you enjoy! <'_"

Tell me any bugs

(Here's a tip to avoid the fog; go underwater and wait until the vision clears up, then you will look for mounds in the water. >:D )

Suggest things I might add >:D

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