Published by Noah Kever on Sat, 05/06/2023 - 15:09
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adds a lot of armor swords and other items. the biomes are the waste biome and the techno biome PS techno block are good fuel. to make basic and advanced armor and swords just use the ore items as usual. to make rare armor put advanced armor and rare item in a smithing table like netherite. to make rare items use three rare fragments and two advanced items. to make forged armor put rare armor on a camp fire. to make techno armor combine forged armor with a techno block in a smithing table. to make tempered armor cook rare armor in a Furniss. to make epic armor surround tempered armor with four epic items Wich you find in the end. to make techno plated armor combined epic armor with techno armor in a smithing table. the same is with the swords. to make cheese cook milk. to make cheese sword stack two peices of cheese on a stick in the crafting table.

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good mods be like.