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We recode the enitre Mod to make it More Vanilla Friendly and to make it a true Better Vanilla (Name will be Changed back to BetterCraft)



Update Information

The Darkness and Light Update Part I adds many new Blocks, items and lore all around the Dark Knight.

After defeating him youll get access to a whole new Dimension: The Darkness.

Check the Changelog for more information about the Additions


Quick Guide on 1.3.0:

After Defeating your first Dark Knight you should craft the Mortemarmor and collect the materials to brew potions (its going to be important later)

You will have to defeat a few more Dark Knights (10+) to get the blocks needed for the Portal. You also need the Igniter (made from 2 raw Darkium and a Darkium Ingot)

after or while killing the Dark Knights, brew a few Night Vision (The Darkness is very dark) and strength Potions.


you can get Ender pearls or the Endersword (! Extra grind !) to travel though the Darkness Easier


If you want to get The Crown of Darkness youll need to find a Throneroom. They hold the Lord of Darkness which is a new Boss. After defeating him he drops loot and the Crown of Darkness


If you first want to gear up we recommend first looting some Shadowdungeons, underground plantages and Shadowprisons randomly spawning in the world. They hold some interesting Loot and help you gear up




This is Better Vanilla , a mod full of exploration, Battles, adventures and creativity.

This mod adds tons of new Building blocks, mobs, biomes, amor and much much more. 

E.g. The Endersword. A powerfull weapon, with a special abillity: Teleport on right-click

But now, no more spoilers. Download the Mod and explore a new and Better Vanilla experience

If you enjoy the Mod, please upvote and support us


You can also join a public Discord all around the mods made by Blackstone Studio and may even get acces to Early-access Versions, give us Feedback and much, much more



All Older Files (and to big ones) can be downloaded via Curseforge


Oficial secondary Websites and Add-ons:



Can i put this mod into a modpack ?

yes, but dont forget to credit us and link it in the comments so we can add them in the description.


Can i repost the Mod or use any parts of it (Music,models,textures, etc.) without the permission of Blackstone Studio ?

No.We highly reccomend not doing it. Else we will have to get your repost deleted or report you for stealing e.g. Textures. If you happen to find a repost please comment and link so we can get the repost deleted.


Can i create an addon for this mod ?

yes, but dont forget to credit us and link the addon in the comments (we will put them in the description).


Report Bugs in


We recommend to download a version as soon as possible because it will have a limited time until its deleted. Join the discord to Download older Versions


50 Downloads 18.5.23

100 Downloads 21.5.23

200 Downloads 25.5.23  

500 Downloads 31.5.23 

Better Vanilla reached #250 in most Downloaded Mods on MCreator 11.6.23

1K Downloads 11.6.23  Thank you all for this enormous support.Better Vanilla is now one of the very special mods which got 1K in under a Month. And that without even getting MotW. Again we really thank you for your support.

Better Vanilla reached #150 in most Downloaded Mods on MCreator 23.6.23


Warning: If you find a fake/repost dont download it because it could be dangerous. Look under Official secondary Websites and Add-ons to Download official and Tested Add-ons

                 and safe Curseforge, etc. posts


All Mods made by Blackstone Studio:

Modification files
Bettercraft_v1.0.jar - V.1.0 (legacy)Uploaded on: 05/15/2023 - 13:12   File size: 2.16 MB
Better_Vanilla_V.1.3.5_Darkness_awaits.jar - V 1.3.5 ( Patch 5 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)Uploaded on: 06/23/2023 - 10:58   File size: 7.57 MB
Better_Vanilla_V.1.3.6_Darkness_awaits_0.jar - V 1.3.6 ( Patch 6 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)Uploaded on: 06/27/2023 - 13:32   File size: 10.37 MB
Better Vanilla V.1.3.7 Darkness awaits.jar - V 1.3.7 ( Patch 7 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)Uploaded on: 06/28/2023 - 12:01   File size: 10.38 MB

V 0.1 first official  file announced 

          all  blocks, items, mobs, armor and biomes added


V 1.0 The gaming Update

           added Flaminggems, endsmiths, and normal endships randomly floating around

           Ensorinalfungus works now

          Crafting for Flaminggem was updated

          Liquid Flames were introduced


V 1.1.0  The Remake

              Removed Wardenheart and -armor

              Changed Death to Dark Knight

              Removed Endsmiths and enderarmor

              Added Darkium

              Changed Textures of Cut Andesite, Diorite and Granite


V 1.1.1  Patch 1 (the remake)

              Changed name of Flamingem to Flamimg Gem

              Changed name of UnfinishedFlamingem to Unfinished Flamimg Gem

              Added Trees to the Ensorinalforest

              Added experimental Rocky Desert (experimental)

              made ensorinalvines and -fungus generate in the Ensorinalforest


V 1.2.0 The Adventurous Update

              changed protection values of Mortemarmor

              Added 10 new biomes
              fixed a bug which caused Ensorinalforest to generate in the overworld

              changed attack Damage of Enderasword and Flamingsword

              added two new ores: Silver and Tin

              Added the elk and the Rainforestfrog

              Fixed a bug which caused the leaves of custom trees to randomly decay


V  1.2.1 Patch 1 (the Adventurous update)

              Fixed the orientationbug of the rainforestfrog

              Added the Greenwood Forest


V 1.3.0  Darkness and Light Part I: Darkness awaits

              Added the Darkness

              Added a new Boss : The Lord of Darkness

              Added 6 new Structures

              Added a new Woodset: The Corrupted Wood

              Added 6 new Biomes

              Added Shadowstone, -cobble, -bricks , -brickstair , -brickslab, chiseled Shadowbrick (rarely found in the new Structures and uncraftable)

              Added the Sword and the Crown of Darkness


V 1.3.1 Patch 1  (Darkness and Light Part I: Darkness awaits)

              Added Vases found in Castles  and abandoned castles of Darkness and in scout Towers
              Fixed the Hitbox of the Rainforestfrog
              Changed the side Texture of Ensorinallog and Wood to fit to the normal Nether Woodsets

              Changed the  Texture of The Endersword

              Changed the Damage Value of The Sword of Darkness
              Updated The Darkness Tower, -Castle and Abandoned Castle to contain Vases now

              Fixed a bug which caused The Dark Knight to randomly despawn

              Dark Knight is no more a real boss, but the Advancement for summoning him will stay


V 1.3.2 Patch 2 (Darkness and Light Part I: Darkness awaits)

              Removed all structures for rework

              Added three new Plants
              Added corrupted Zombies

              Added Crystalspark, Crystalpea, Crynalium, Corrupted flesh

              Removed the Darkness
              Added the Shadowlands

              Added Corruption Effect

              Added Crynalium Desert

              Changed the Spawning method of the Dark Knight (Netherite Blocks replaced with Cut Andesite Tiles, Crying Obsidian replaced with Emerald Block)


V  1.3.3( Patch 3 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)

              Changed the Textures of the Copper Tools and -Armor

              Removed Crystalwheat
              Added Crystal Tomatoes

V  1.3.4 ( Patch 4 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)

              Changed the Palmtree- and Hardwood Spruce plank Texture  (Download link

              Added Suspicious Shadowrocks

              Fixed a Bug which caused custom leaves to decay around Custom logs

              Fixed a Bug which caused Modded Fences to not connect with each other


V  1.3.5 ( Patch 5 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)

              Changed the Texture of all Plank- and plankmade Blocks


V  1.3.6 ( Patch 6 of Darkness and Light Part I : Darkness awaits)

              Added Shadowdungeons, Underground Plantages, Shadowprisons and the Throne Room

              Added a new Music Disc obtainable by looting Shadowprisons and -dungeons
              Added the Trapped Shadowtiles


V 1.3.7 (Patch 7 of Darkness and Light Part I: Darkness awaits)

              Changed The spawning chances of Thronerooms
              Fixed a Bug which caused Thronerooms to generate in the Overworld
              Fixed a Bug which caused Shadowdungeons to spawn above Bedrock

i think hes a random dude just trying to make mods look bad

e.g. he wrote you are using a pirated version of Minecraft under KrebPlebs Plasmatech mod for no reason
like literally every third or fourth comment of him is something bad

Hello, I'm interested in joining the team as 2D texture-designer.
My Discord is Limett#1974. unwanted messages will be BLOCKED