Life expansion

Published by BeeTimofey on Thu, 08/03/2023 - 07:56
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Mod that makes Minecraft world be different. This mod adds mobs like Bear, Deer and Fireman beetle. Also there are some biomes like Small dark forest, Deciduous forest and Dry forest. Some food so as not to be hungry will not hurt. There are Pickles, Porridge, Vegetable salad, Sour cream, cheese, buttermilk, curd, Bear's meat and Venison. Also there are Bear's fur armor, knife, pestle and music discs! Dont rage to mob animations. I dont know how to fix it. Russian language here also. 

Modification files
Life expansion 1.2.jar - Third version?!Uploaded on: 09/18/2023 - 16:37   File size: 11.21 MB

First version added!

Version 1.1 - Sculk upgrade!

This version adds 3 new mobs, 1 new biome, 2 armor sets, new ore and some new food!

New mobs: Sculker. It drops Sculk soul that will useful for Sculkerite ingot! Dont have new mechanics. Appears in Deep dark;

Sculk snake. It drops Sculk snake meat that will be good food. If it saw player, it will be fast for while. If killed, places sculk sensor. Appears in Deep dark and attacking Sculk creatures.

Snake. Mob that appears in swamps. If hurt, gets regeneration. Drops Snake meat and sometimes drops Snake head.

New biome - Lemon valleys. This biome cant appear i dont know why. Maybe in next version i will make another way to get lemons.

New ore - Reddlet! Its like diamonds but rarer and red!

New sets - Reddlet and Sculkerite!

New crop - Oat!

Version 1.2 - Sculkerite tweaks!

Added Sculkerite tools and Sculk Snake Sword

Added Sculk Snake Head variants

Added Blooming Lemon Leaves, Booklite Leaves and Sculkerite Block

Added Lemon Flower and Booklite items

Added Lemon Tree structure

No mobs added :(

But i will make spoilers for 1.3 update!

It's will be big and will be added 2 mobs!

Wait for it!

Its going to be in next 1-2 weeks!


New mob every 15-20 downloads.

In 1.4 update you will see new name for mod!

Srry for i dont putted new mod file my computer is lagging