Published by Amirs11 on Wed, 10/02/2019 - 15:56
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Please say me if i had bugs or spelling mistakes in this text


Version 1.12.2




Snowball with stone = A snowball which will hurt you

Snowball with torch = When it will land, there will be placed a torch

Snowingot = Craft it with one iron and 8 snowballs or with the Snowingotore. Used to craft many snowtools and the armor

Blue Slimeball = Drop from Blue Slime

Snowsword = Crafted by Snowingot

Snowy Apple = Dropped from Snow Golem, Give you Speed 2

Blue Slimeboots = Give you Jump Boost 2 and no fall damage

Blue Slimesword = Give you more knockback. FOR THIS EFFECT YOU NEED TO CRAFT IT

SNOWTOOLS = Crafted with Snowingots



Snowbrick = decoration block, crafted with snow

Snowbrickstairs = decoration block; crafted with snowbricks

Blueslimeblock = Block from blue slimeball

Snowingotore = Ore for Snowingots

Snowingotblock = A block for the Snowingot. You can use this block as a beacon base



Snowarmor = Crafted with snowingots

Blue Slimeboots = Give you Jump Boost 2 and no fall damage



Snow Golem = Drop Snowingots and Snowy Apple

Blue Slime = Drop Blue Slimeballs


For recipe use JEI


language= English and German


Ideas for future

  • Dungeons
  • Ice Items
  • say our ideas



Modification files
Snow+_1.1.2.jar - Version 1.1.2Uploaded on: 10/04/2019 - 11:26   File size: 208.34 KB
Snow+_1.1.0_0.jar - Version 1.1.0Uploaded on: 10/03/2019 - 20:58   File size: 161.36 KB


  • added Snowingotblock


1.1.1   (beta version)

  • bugfixes 



  • Snow Bricks added
  • Texture changed



  • Names of a few items have been changed

Make snowier snow PLS XD take the snow block texture, make the block, make (idk what's it called but some like can go through or something and tick it.) and then make a procedure when entity collide and make the procedure block Stuck at cobweb or something

Nice mod :)
The Snow Iron Golem's texture is good, but the ones of the items could be improved...