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It was suggested by a YouTuber who doe's Mcreator tutorials to make a request here for loot tables support.

Can you see if it is possible to add loot table support one day, what I was looking for is below, but I thought I would add it for some context for what I wanted.


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You can manually define loot tables using json and place the json in the proper folder as you would do for normal mods. We will consider adding support for loot tables in MCreator in the future too.

Submitted by WeswePengu on Wed, 01/09/2019 - 03:46

I 2nd...well....3rd this idea. Its a cool idea.

Submitted by Memeseus on Wed, 03/13/2019 - 15:13

I need loot tables desperately

Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to add them manually?


You could use random possibilities on block placement for the blocks inventory.

Submitted by DKMK100 on Sun, 04/07/2019 - 18:32

We definitely need this feature! I agree completely

Klemen, i tried doing this in minecraft folder but was not able too, can you give me a template of what file to add?

It was just a guess, I did not have a time to properly look in loot tables yet.

We do plan to add this in the first update after 2019.5 which is feature complete so I don't think there will even be need for this.

This feature will be added in 2020.1:

Loot tables maker

We will be extending support for more features (enhancements, custom names, functions, ...) with updates.

But how about custom modded inventorys?

We will add an option to define the loot table to use for inventory in the future updates.

Yes, you can control all vanilla loot and loot of modded blocks, entities, advancements, ...

This is awesome!! :D

Does it work for 1.12 too?

Overriding of existing loot tables does not work properly yet and not sure if it will, but custom loot tables do work.

1.12.2 was marked as a legacy by Forge Developers and we adopted their schedule last month so we are marking 1.12.2 as legacy (means only critical fixes) too and working on 1.14.4 as the main version after we fix some issues it currently has.

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