Enhanced Vanilla (Legacy)

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Enhanced Vanilla focuses on bringing New Features and Expanding Vanilla Minecraft. Enhanced Vanilla is being developed by the modding team "Karogath Modding Studios". Enhanced Vanilla adds tons of new features that will improve the Game, from New Building Blocks to build with, New Biomes to explore, New Items to gather and collect, New Mobs to interact and fight, New Foods to eat and make and New Structures to pillage and explore. 


Modification files
EnhancedVanilla_Snapshot_20w20a-Forge- - Enhanced Vanilla - 1.0 Snapshot 20w20a (Forge KB

Enhanced Vanilla

Snapshot 20w20a

===== Changelog =====

= Added Setts and Variants (Cracked, Mossy, Slabs, Stairs and Walls)

 - Setts are blocks mainly used for paths in Medieval Builds.

 - Setts are crafted using 4 Stone Bricks in a 2x2 Crafting Grid.

 - This Feature was based on a suggestion.

= Added Mud

 - Mud Blocks generate in Swamps.

 - Mud Blocks drop Mud Balls when broken.

= Added Mud Bricks and Variants (Cracked, Chiseled, Slabs, Stairs and Walls)

 - Crafted using 4 Mud Brick

 - Mud Brick can be crafted by smelting Mud Balls in a Furnace

= Added Tanbark 

- Tanbarks can be used as Fuel

 - Tanbarks can be crafted using 2 Stripped Log and 2 Log in a checkerboard pattern.

 - This Featured was based on a suggestion.

= Added Dried Wheat

 - Dried Wheat can be used to craft Thatches.

 - Smelting Wheat in a Furnace will give you Dried Wheat.

= Added Thatch

 - It can be Used for Roofing.

 - Smelting Hay Bales in a Furnace will give you Thatch.

 - Comes in Stairs and Slab Forms

 - Crafted using 4 Dried Wheat in a 2x2 Grid.

= Added Charred Nether Bricks

 - Crafted using 4 Charred Nether Brick in a Crafting Grid.

 - Smelting Nether Brick in a Furnace gives you the Charred Variant.

 - Comes in Stairs, Slab, Walls, Fence Forms.

= Added 4 New Flowers (Paeonia, Helianthus, Syringa, and Rose)

 - Can be crafted into respective dye colors

 - Helianthus generates in the plains biome.

 - Paeonia, Syringa, and Roses generate in Forest Biomes.

= Added Soft Sandstone

 - A Decoration block atm.

 - Crafted with 4 Smooth Sandstone.

= Added Death Cap Mushroom

 - Currently unobtainable, it will generate in ruins soon.

 - When consumed, it will give the player Strenght and Speed.

 - Credits for the Texture which is from the MC Dungeons wiki.

 - It can be planted soon with a unique 3d model.

= Flowers are now pottable

= Flowers can now be pollinated by Bees

= Added Tags (finally!!)

= Reduced each Biome Size.

= Added Archer Tower Structure

= Added Chaparral Biome.

 - The Chaparral Biome generates with Small Shrubs and Bushes.

 - A rare biome.

= Added Recipes for Enchanted Golden Apple, Grass Block, Nametag, Saddle, and Cobwebs. (More Recipes coming soon)**

The goat makes me melt! XD
This mod is very nice, keep up the great work!

You've made really great use of the colours & textures! All the items & blocks are very beautiful & fit right in!