Profundum Corporis

Published by SzushyCat on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 17:54
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Hi! I started this mod, to create a world of many of my ideas. My main "inspiration-mine" during creating it was Made in Abyss, so it is kind of based on finding enchanted and cursed places, collecting relics and being very careful of the place.


Disclaimer: Sorry, but currently I am not able to work on this mod and the developing status is paused.



This mod adds a mysterious dimension to adventure in. By finding the basalt like komatiite in the overworld you can create a portal and an igniter to teleport to this strange dimension. But be aware! You will find out that you are taking damage sometimes just by being there, it is the curse of this place its main defense mechanism. But why does it defend itself? Can you find clues what happened there before you found this dimension? How are those strange ores are so mysterious and powerful? Would you attend to an intruiging archeology tour to collect materials to defend yourself from the curse and find extraordinary creatures and cursed places?


Mod elements:





✦Oak Fiber Boards 
✦Oak Fiber Block

✦Oak Fiber Board Slab

✦Oak Fiber Board Fence

✦Oak Fiber Board Fence Gate

✦Oak Fiber Board Door

✦Oak Fiber Board Trapdoor

✦Birch Fiber Boards 
✦Birch Fiber Block

✦Birch Fiber Board Slab

✦Birch Fiber Board Fence

✦Birch  Fiber Board Fence Gate

✦Birch Fiber Board Door

✦Birch Fiber Board Trapdoor 
✦Slime Infested Oak Log

✦Slime Infested Oak Wood

✦Slime Infested Oak Planks

✦Slime Infested Oak Slab

✦Slime Infested Oak Fence

✦Slime Infested Oak Fence Gate

✦Slime Infested Oak Door

✦Slime Infested Oak Trapdoor

✦Slime Infested Oak Leaves

✦Gilded Birch Log

✦Gilded Birch Wood

✦Gilded Birch Leaves

✦Slimed Oak Sprout (the "sapling" of the infested tree, if it is dropped on Komatiite or Volcanic Soil it spawns a tree)

✦Old Oak Trunk

✦Root Leaves

✦Extracting Table (you can extract slime from certain items and blocks with it)

✦Volcanic Soil (Profundum dirt variant)

✦Soil Grass Block

✦Gilded Soil Grass Block (Soil Grass with Gold Flowers)

✦Iron Rich Volcanic Soil

✦Komatiite (Basalt like Stone block of the Profundum)

✦Hot Komatiite (Magma Block like block)

✦Komatiite Ores (Iron,Olivine,Chrysolite)

✦Olivine Block

✦Chrysolite Block

✦Komatiite Bricks

✦Dyed Komatiite Bricks (in every Minecraft colour)

✦Chalk Dust Block

✦Chalk Stone

✦Chalk Stone Slab

✦Chalk Stone Stairs

✦Chiseled Chalk Stone

✦Slaked Lime Block (if Chalk Dust reacts with fluid slime it becomes Slaked Lime, it is the ingredient as the plaster of Dyed Komatiite Bricks)

✦Nerve Block

✦Scutum Relic Stone (the most important relic, you can smelt it to became a Scutum Shard which is the main ingredient of any enchanting Block or Armor that can defend you from the curse of the Profundum)

✦Scutum Block (the ancient relic you can remake with the Scutum Shards, you can enchant tools and armor with it to defend you from the curse of the Profundum)

✦Resting Skeleton Shell (a skeleton of an archeologist with some loot embaded in a block of soil and komatiite)

✦Petrified Bamboo

✦Visage Hatching Bay (right click on this block with the Nerve Root and you can hatch a Visage)



✦Fiber (Oak, Birch)

✦Bottle of Slime

✦Bucket of Slime

✦Bucket of Molten Magma

✦Komatiite Pebble (used for making the portal igniter)

✦Hot Komatiite Pebble

✦Scutum Shard

✦Scutum Olivium (made from a Scutum Shard and an Olivine, it is the main Ingredient of the Archeologist Helmet and the Scutum Block)



✦Chalk Dust

✦Depth Visage Feather

✦Raw Pocket Rabbit

✦Cooked Pocket Rabbit

✦Pinguis Berries

✦Icy Pinguis Berries

✦Nerve Root



✦Stone Picker (Iron, Olivine, Chrysolite, it is a pickaxe used by archeologists, you can get more loot with it from certain blocks)

✦Lance (Olivine, Chrysolite, a special weapon able to throw curse shards)



✦Archeologist Helmet (an item that already defends you from the curse of the Profundum)



✦Pinguis Flos

✦Pinguis Berries

✦Icy Pinguis Berries

✦Soil Grass



✦Eye Lands (the plains of the Profundum, but with more trees)

✦Infested Forest

✦Gilded Forest

✦Chalk Desert



✦Pocket Rabbit

✦Wood Munch 

✦Female Depth Visage

✦Cursed Skeleton (of an archeologist)


Upcoming features:

I develop the mod on three main ideas: 

✦Unwritten/unspoken lore

✦Giving it life (some details, interesting flowers that enhance its looks)

✦Adventure (probable adventures, possible player-lore materials)

Possible next features:

✦New mobs, and a biome for one of them

✦Updated Wood Munch model and texture



Mod Disclaimer: Some of the textures and models are place holders, they will be replaced during updates.

You can follow me and the making of the mod at my twitter:

Modification files
ProfondumCorporis_1.1.1_1.15.2_beta.jar - Beta version, playable (hopefully) with small loreUploaded on: 08/14/2020 - 17:57   File size: 1.2 MB

this mod is really cool, but can you describe what the features in this mod do and maybe how the progression works instead of just listing all of the features

and wow those textures look absolutely amazing!
do you have discord?

Hi! Thanks! I will definitely do it! I was in a rush doing the release of the beta, but I planned especially writing about the progress.
I am happy that you like the textures <3
I do have discord but not a server :) (I am open for chatting)

The mod looks great, but I had some issues with lag (and experienced a few crashes now and then) when in the dimension. Can't wait to see it progress :)

Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video!

I'm not into dyed komatiite, but chalk and wood textures are wonderful! Good luck with your mod, I'm looking after new features :3