Elder Root Golem

Published by JustJ71 on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 21:29
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Just a small mod I created while teaching myself a little about about MCreator.  The Golem is contructed by ...

1) Find 3 blocks of Elder Root Wood (HINT: Root) (underground)

2) Craft Ancient Carver

3) Using the ancient carver and a blocks of Elder Wood create the base,chest, and head of the Golem.

4) Using ancient Carver to make Elder Root Heart and add to the chest block of the Golem.

5) Stack the base block 1st,then the chest block on top of it, and finally the head block to create the Golem.

6) Also has a Elder Root Wand that makes the golems follow you. (Much like food and the animals that eat it do)

Still trying to fully understand the new procedures but I am warming up to it. :)


Modification files
Elder Root Golem v1.0.3 1.12.2.jar - Create a Elder Root GolemUploaded on: 06/18/2018 - 21:42   File size: 180.92 KB

I like the mod and would love to use it! Some feedback, as I've been messing with MCreator.

So testing the mod, I can't craft the "carved elder tree root heart". I used JEI to look up the recipe and tried it in creative and survival.
Placing a block of elder tree root in the crafting table by itself gives dark oak planks (intentionally?).
The head and chest (if you get the heart) work but both consume the carver. It would make more sense if you marked it so it didn't consume the carver in the recipe.
It's a nice mod but I'd suggest (unless it's intentional) to make the wood by itself in a crafting table make its own type of planks in the future.

Keep up the good work!

I looked into it and I made the Ancient Carver a tool instead of item which gives no option for keeping item in crafting grid (option anyway) ..I've learned since about the different options between tools and item classification ;) I also checked the 'Heart" problem and without the ancient carver you do get 'Dark Oak Planks'. Not sure why but since its was the 1st mod I made I was prolly thinking that making it create its own wood then all the tools etc that could be made with it was a bit daunting at the time. Thanks for the feedback.