DovahCraft - A Vanilla Expansion

Submitted by xDovah on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 23:06
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New Updated Pictures will be coming very soon, just wanting to start updating things slowly.


A Vanilla Expansion Mod

DovahCraft Trailer


Minecraft, when it was released, was revolutionary in its own right by being one of the most popular video games to ever be created.
One thing, however, that is to be frowned upon and that is its list of Ores, and the vanilla game's Ore progression.
You've got your Irons and Golds and Diamonds and... wait that's it? What do you mean Emerald isn't a tool? 


DovahCraft aims to fill in the gaps and expand on Minecraft's lackluster progression, adding in over 10+ different types of materials for crafting tools and armor, 
as well as adding new items/blocks and reviving removed features that Minecraft once had, two of which being Crying Obsidian and Rubies.


Explore your vast open-ended worlds, mine through ravines and dungeons and craft your tools with sets like Emerald, Ruby, Cobalt, Rose Quartz and many more. Yes, even the Nether has its own share of Ore, introducing Nether Iron and Nether Gold.

Each Pickaxe of their respective material group has a specific trait to them.
For example, right-clicking a block with an Emerald Pickaxe uses durability, however it changes any block you right-click to an Emerald Ore.


DovahCraft also introduces a handful of new mobs, two new dimensions (a third is in the works) and new block mechanics, such as the Spawn Gem, StoneCutter, Materializer, and more.


Finally, DovahCraft also introduces a handful of new commands, listed below:
/wwssadad - If you're a fan of Konami, you might see this coming.
/iddqd - Gives you invulnerability for a bit.
/credits - Shows credit where it's due.
/wml - Shows your current coordinates into the chat.


So, are you ready to explore your Minecraft worlds with more Ore and new content?

Then download DovahCraft today and experience it for yourself.

16 new armors!
16 new armors!


Tons of new content!
Tons of new content!


New dimension: The Alpha!
New dimension: The Alpha!


Nazareth awaits!
Nazareth awaits!


If there are any bugs, please feel free to sound off in the comments, and whenever I get free time, I will do what I can to iron them out!


Due to the rendering of custom assets, using shaders while in custom dimensions will result in a shading bug. This is unavoidable AFAIK.

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Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

1/7/2019 4:03AM EST

-Reformatted Description, cleaned up for new images
-Setting up for Update 1.5 Beta

Update Version 1.5 Beta
1/12/2019 4:00AM EST

DovahCraft Changelog:

Update Version 1.5 Beta

- Updated DovahCraft's workspace to MCreator v1.8.1.


- Life Totem, Rose Quartz Gem, Nether Gold Ingot, Nether Iron Ingot, Chainlink, Uncooked Bacon, Bacon.
- Nether Golden Sword, Nether Golden Pickaxe, Nether Golden Axe, Nether Golden Shovel, Nether Golden Hoe.
- Nether Iron Sword, Nether Iron Pickaxe, Nether Iron Axe, Nether Iron Shovel, Nether Iron Hoe.
- Rose Quartz Sword, Rose Quartz Pickaxe, Rose Quartz Axe, Rose Quartz Shovel, Rose Quartz Hoe.

- Nether Gold, Nether Iron, Rose Quartz, Studded Leather.†

- Nightmare, travel via Soul Sand portal.

- Fake Redstone, Nether Iron Ore, Nether Iron, Nether Gold Ore, Nether Gold, Rose Quartz Ore and Rose Quartz.
- Nightmare Sand, Nightmare Brick, Nightmare Lantern and NightStone.
- Soggy Brick, Iron Brick, Iron Stone Brick, Cracked Iron Stone Brick, Chiseled Iron Stone Brick, Iron Cobble, Iron Quartz, Chiseled Iron Quartz, Iron Quartz Pilar, Bricked Iron, Dried Kelp (crafted using Sugar Cane), Piston Head Blocks, Scaffold, Nuclear Bomb and Glowing Obsidian†.
- Crying Obsidian†, Tanning Rack, Trash Cans.

†Removed/Exclusive features from Minecraft.

- Creeper Spider -- Explodes when killed, be careful with melee damage!
- Deathskull Spider -- does severe damage when leaping.

- Crying Obsidian, when Right-Clicked, sets the player's Global Spawnpoint.
- Spawn Gem, when Right-Clicked, sets the player's Spawnpoint to where they're standing.
- Tanning Racks are currently the only way to obtain Bacon. Place Porkchop into the first slot and press Use to obtain Bacon.
- Trash Cans features a large inventory space with ther option to completely remove every item in the inventory.
- Life Totems can be crafted using the Transmogrifier. (Totem of Undying in the middle, surrounded by Nether Stars.)
- Heat Blocks convert Ice to water if in contact with the block. Can be crafted using the Transmogrifier using Obsidian and Magma blocks.
- Glowing Obsidian can be crafted using the Transmogrifier using Obsidian and Redstone Lamps.
- Wither Sword can now be crafted using the Transmogrifier by using an Obsidium Sword and four Eye of Ender.
- Mining Fake Redstone will occasionally spawn Redstone Bugs.

- Added the new tools to Materializer's recipies.
- Added recipes for the new plants.
- Improved Mob AI.
- Slightly tweaked Tool/Armor stats.

- Currently added Advancements for each material Ore and Lightsaber progress.

- Fix for Compact Cobblestone not having a recipe for Cobblestone.
- Fix for Mineral Ore not having a smelting recipe.
- Fix for Rose Quartz having an incorrect Harvest Level.
- Fix for Pickaxes being in the wrong Creative Tab.
- Fix for Adamantite Pickaxe's ability not having an audio cue.
- Fix for converted locked items from MCreator workspace 1.8 to 1.8.1.
- Fix for a crash when breaking Wither Roses.
- Other various fixes.

Known Issues:
- Dusty Logs no longer rotate. Due to 1.8.1's structure, it will give the block a compile error.
- Tanning Racks leave the tops of blocks completely black. This will be corrected in the next update.
- Breaking the Ore blocks in Creative Mode still triggers the Advancement for the respective Ore.


For all recipes, please use an Inventory mod such as JEI or NEI.


Update Version 1.6 Beta

2/23/2019 12:00 AM


- Added Knowledge Book.
- Added Spurce Bookshelf, Acacia Bookshelf, Jungle Bookshelf, Dark Oak Bookshelf, and Birch Bookshelf.
- Vanilla Bookshelf is now called "Oak Bookshelf" to accommodate. 

- Added two Mobs: Wither Blaze and Wither Golem.
- Added Border and Deny blocks, Creative Only.


- Reducer now has Vanilla tool support.
- Removed Rods. All custom tools that previously needed Rods to craft can now be crafted using vanilla Sticks. All custom tools that needed Rods all have their textures changed to reflect the change.
- Updated Scaffold texture.
- Updated some material block textures.
- Updated Creative Tab titles.
- All custom material blocks can be used for beacon bases.
- Removed glint from Obsidium Ingots and Nuggets.
- Increased spawn chance of Nightmare Castles and Nightmare Pillars.
- All Pickaxes will now break if their respective abilities are used too much.
- Emerald Pickaxe's passive ability now has a 10% chance of adding 5 durability points.
- Emerald Pickaxe's Money Wise ability now uses 125 durability points. (Was 50)
- Adamantium Pickaxe's Fire Strider ability now uses 200 durability. (Was 150)
- Enderium Pickaxe's ability is different.
- Osmite Ingots no longer need Crystals for crafting.
- Pigs now drop Bacon.
- Enderium Nugget texture is now darker so it doesn't look almost like the Gold Ingot.
- Revamped Sky Dimension.
- Removed tooltips for Cobalt and Enderium items.
- Revamped Life Totem.
- Changed mod image.
- Modified all Ore generation values so that more Ore can generate in the Overworld and in the Nether.
- Nether Core structure now spawns in the Nazarr dimension. (placement is a little bugged at the moment, meaning it can spawn in trees)
- Right-Clicking the Nether Core block (given the structure requirement is met), will convert the structure to a Converted structure, with Glowing Obsidian for the frame.
- Converted Nether structure now spawns three Wither Skeleton and one Wither Golem.

- Fix for Materializer and Trash Can for their achievements not popping up.
- Fix for Ender Sword now breaking if its ability is used too much.
- Fixed an issue where the Blast Furnace would consume Coal 100% of the time.
- Fixed an issue where the Human mob would not have any sound.
- BUGFIX: The Materializer now stacks items.
- BUGFIX: Glowing Obsidian now has a light level of 10.

** PLANNED: Add a reforge system that would affect Vanilla-only Swords, Pickaxes and Axes, up to +5. i.e. Diamond Sword +5. **


Submitted by Klemen on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 13:24

Very nice mod page :)

"Baldi" is a character and main antagonist from the game "Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning". I recommend watching this full gameplay video by Markiplier here:

How did you make the pickaxes lose durability when using their special abilities?
To me the "damage item" procedure doesn't work :(

Also, I've read the whole mod description (the first time I comment I didn't because I hadn't much time) and I can say that it looks awesome! The theme is a bit random, but the description and the textures are awesome! :)

Submitted by xDovah on Fri, 10/12/2018 - 12:38

Yeah, I'll admit it's a bit on the random side as well, but I had always felt that Minecraft, with only having Stone, Iron, Gold and Emerald to work with as materials for tools, was lacking in most situtations. I'm planning on adding even more, but that's not until later on. My main addition for the next release is a new dimension and possibly more mobs.

Now, to answer the question on how I make the tools lose durability, here's a screenshot of the workings of my Obsidium Pickaxe:

Note that the Obsidium Pickaxe's attribute needs for the item to be in your main-hand and the procedure is set to fire off when the item is Right-Clicked in air.

The fact that it is a bit random does not mean that it's not good.
Anyways, I should try to use that "deal damage to item" procedure again. The last time I used it was bugged, maybe it was fixed in latest updates.