DovahCraft - A Vanilla Expansion

Submitted by xDovah on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 23:06
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A Minecraft Expansion Mod


Ever thought vanilla Minecraft was too short in Ore progression? Wish there was something more to expand on?

Introducing: DovahCraft, A Minecraft Expansion Mod. This mod offers 13 new Ores to be generated in your new worlds, as well as new Mobs and items.

DovahCraft Items

Explore your Minecraft worlds, mine through dungeons and craft your tools with new sets including: Ruby, Cobalt, Titanium and even Emerald.

The sets are as follows, ranked by Durability:
Ruby - 512 Uses
Emerald - 768 Uses
Cobalt - 985 Uses
Osmite - 1,024 Uses
Curite - 1,667 Uses
Adamantium - 1,996 Uses
Obsidium - 2,753 Uses
Tungsten - 3,055 Uses
Titanium - 3,265 Uses
Enderium - 3,500 Uses
Palladium - 3,750 Uses
Wurtzite - 4,000 Uses
Vibranium - 4,683 Uses *
*(For those who don't know, to exceed the cap of 4,000 Uses in MCreator, you have to edit/lock the item's code to accept a value over 4,000.)

This mod also introduces new Mobs, including:


Baldi. This mob will not spawn naturally. This mob will only spawn if you have crafted his Ruler, but once you do, watch your surroundings.

Baldi Ruler


Wisp: A new Creeper-type mob. Will only spawn in the new, although extremely Alpha dimension: Nazarr.

Essential Creepers

Essential Creepers: New Creeper-type mobs that drop Essences needed to craft saber-type weapons.


Herobrine: A mob that is not a running joke in the changelogs.

This mod includes a block called the "Spawn Gem", which is essentially a Bed, but version 2.0. What this block does is allows more than one player, at any point in time, to use (Right Click) the block to set the player's world spawnpoint.
This needs a Nether Reactor Core to craft. 
Nether Core

Spawn Gem

This mod includes special attributes for certain items, namely Pickaxes. For example, Obsidium Pickaxes can boost your defense
at a cost of Durability and Emerald Pickaxes not only heal a small portion of health per block you destroy,
but Right Clicking on a block will turn that block into Emerald Ore for the cost of Durability.
Other attributes are as follows:
Ruby Pickaxes give 4 Redstone when Right-Clicked.
Rainbow Pickaxes, when Right-Clicked, breaks the tool, however spawns two Sheep in close proximity.
Curite Pickaxes gives the player Haste for 1 minute, at a cost of Durability and health.
Vibranium Pickaxes can be completely repaired on the spot when Right-Clicked, however can be fatal, dealing 18 damage (9 hearts) of damage.
The name of the Vibranium Pickaxe will change to "Soulstalked Pickaxe" when used.

There's still a lot more to work on (as far as bugs and features go), especially for some items being unobtainable via normal gameplay.

List of unobtainables:
-Ender Sword (Planning on having this be a boss weapon drop, not sure just yet)
-xDovah's Sword (My personal sword, can be found, along with every other unobtainable, in the Creative Menu)
-Jesse's Legendary Sword (Straight from Minecraft: Story Mode. No plans for this weapon yet)
-Megaphone (Joke item, right-clicking will spread autism*)

*Will not actually spread autism. Just plays an airhorn sound instead.


Finally, we come to the custom commands. There are, as of right now, three commands:
What it does: Konami may not like you if you do this.

What it does: Gives you invulnerability for 5 minutes.

What it does: Gives credit for all sources and various things for rights and help.


So, are you ready to explore Minecraft with more Ore and new content? Then download this mod and try it out yourself.

Also, if there's any bugs and nasty stuff, totally let me know. I'm only one person working on this. :)
This is also my first ever mod, so... There might be some quirks. And bugs. And errors of some sort.





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Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type


Initial Release Version 0.5 Alpha


10/13/2018 1:55AM
Release Version 0.6 Alpha

New Additions:
  • Added recipe for each material Block.
  • Added recipe for the Knowledge Book. Will be used in later builds, but for now does nothing.
  • Added recipe for the Blessed Apple. The Blessed Apple is slightly better than the Notch Apple, giving the player Speed II, Haste II, Strength II, Luck, Regeneration IV, and Fire Resistance. Recipe is expensive, but for this reason.
  • Added recipes for Bedrock, Command Block, and Barrier blocks.
  • Added recipe for the once unobtainable "Enchanted Sword".
  • New Block: Stonecutter. Added UI. Please use recipe mods such as JEI / NEI to research recipes. Posting them all here will take up too much space.
  • New Block: Transmogrifier. This block is still in the building process and serves no purpose for now, so textures are buggy. What it will do is to allow crafting of "Super" items, as well as repairing items.
  • New Item / Block: Oil Deposit + Hardened Oil Block. Oil Deposits are only dropped using Tungsten Pickaxes. Hardened Oil Blocks are a new fuel source and are slightly better than Blocks of Coal. (Can smelt for 15 minutes)
  • New Blocks / Recipes: Double Stone Slab (is in the vanilla game, but difficult to obtain), and Smooth Stone.
  • New Plants: Cyan Flower and Paeonia. These two were cut from vanilla Minecraft. Yes, I am aware the textures are somewhat larger than normal, that will be fixed soon.
  • New Blocks: Alpha Grass, Alpha Dirt, Alpha Stone, Alpha Cobblestone. These blocks cannot be found anywhere except for the new dimension.
  • New Dimension: Alphazar. For those who want nostalgia. Note: You cannot bring Alpha blocks from Alphazar into the normal dimension, due to "traveling through time" unless you have an Ender Chest.
  • New Mobs: Nether Creeper, Redstone Bug (from an April Fools update), and PC Gamer Cow (from the PC Gamer demo disk, can only spawn in flatland worlds or Alphazar).


  • All Pickaxe tools now have their own attribute. Will list them all at a later date due to time constraints (work my dude)
  • Emerald Pickaxe attribute no longer lasts forever when the tool breaks (unless someone spams the ability beyond normal durability levels).
  • Vanilla Minecraft Bow is no longer called "test".
  • Vibranium Pickaxe's attribute now deals the correct damage.
  • Bug fixes.


10/20/2018 8:55AM

Update 1.0 Beta ("The Explore Update"):

  • New Blocks with textures dating back to the Infdev/Indev days of Minecraft, with Slabs.
    • These include Wooden Planks (the off texture one), Cobblestone, Brick, Stone, and Grass/Dirt Blocks.
      • New Blocks also include Leaves, Logs and Vines, although the Vine texture is a bit off.
  • Dyed Planks with Slabs.
    • These have a slightly higher resistance to damage and explosions.
  • Hardened Glass.
    • These, when broken, don't just break -- They will drop as a normal Block, allowing you to re-place them.
  • Compacted Cobblestone.
    • Fill the normal MATTIS Crafting Table (vanilla Crafting Table) with Cobblestone to obtain this.
  • Underwater TNT.
    • Currently under some work, so it doesn't really do much, except for looking pretty.
  • Uncarved Pumpkins.
    • What Mojang intended for the Pumpkins originally, without that Jack-O-Lantern face carved in it.
  • Lecterns.
    • It's not exactly the same model as what it is originally was, but it's close enough. Purely a decor block.
  • New model for the Transmogrifier.
    • Looks a *Blam!* of a lot better than what I had before.
      • (if you understood the reference I just made, you have my respect.)
  • Transmogrifier (again).
    • New plans are made for this new Crafting Block, but as of right now it does nothing.
  • Material Reducer.
    • New Crafting Block that is unusable as of this post. What is intended for use is to break down tools/armor for bare materials, hence the name.
  • Gears.
    • Intended to be used with the Material Reducer as a needed item, and used to craft the Stonecutter.
  • Plate Armor.
    • Only the Helmet and Chestplate, as Minecraft originally had way back in the day.
  • Alphazar Dimension.
    • Not a new addition, but a change. All blocks from the Alpha/Infdev/Indev period in this Dimension will be left behind if a player chooses to go back through the portal.
      • This can be counteracted by using an Ender Chest.
        • Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain new Ores in this Dimension. There's no way (that I know of) to not have this happen.
  • New Biomes for both Alphazar and Nazarr.
  • New Human mob that spawns in the Alpha Dimension.


Please report any bugs, glitches, etc. down in the comments!

10/23/2018 2:21PM

Update 1.0 Beta Bug Fixes:

- Fix for Dirt Slab not having a crafting recipe.
- Fix for typos of Palladium tools.
- Fix for Alpha Gravel to be in the correct Creative Tab.
- Fix for Wurtzite and Vibranium Hoes being the wrong tool type.
- Fix for Vibranium tools (excluding Pickaxe) having incorrect Durability values.
- Fix for Lectern's crafting recipe.
- Other various fixes.

- Added Dragon Egg crafting recipe.
O - Obsidian
D - Dragon's Breath

- Damage outputs on all Swords have been adjusted according to Tiers.
(Tier list for DovahCraft:
0 - Nothing
1 - Nothing
2 - Emerald is now 6 Damage (was 10) 
2 - Ruby is now 6 Damage (was 8)
3 - Cobalt is now 8 Damage (was 10)
3 - Osmite is now 8 Damage (was 10)
4 - Curite is still 10 Damage.
5 - Adamantium is still 12 Damage.
6 - Obsidium is now 13 Damage (was 9)
7 - Tungsten is now 14 Damage (was 13)
8 - Titanium is now 16 Damage (was 14)
9 - Enderium is now 18 Damage (was 12)
10 - Palladium is now 20 Damage (was 11)
11 - Wurtzite is now 22 Damage (was 15)
12 - Vibranium is now 25 Damage (was 18)


This page is very organized and presents the mod pretty well.

Submitted by xDovah on Sat, 10/13/2018 - 06:00

Version 0.6 Alpha is now live! This mod was released under some time constraints, so if there are any bugs, glitches, etc., please comment and I will get to them as soon as possible! Thanks guys! :)

I would add Hallowed Bars with Items Like Excalibur Gugnir Pickaxe axe Or Broken Hero Sword

Submitted by AOCAWOL on Sat, 10/13/2018 - 17:38

You know I was looking at this mod a few days ago and I assumed this would be the next MOTW, well done! Highly suggest uploading your od to Curse Forge if you haven't already!

I actually haven't as of right now. I think I'm going to hold off until it's at a more complete mod (At least when I declare Beta stage) then I will definitely post it there.

Submitted by centa on Sat, 10/13/2018 - 21:17

you use the terraria textures :v

Submitted by xDovah on Mon, 10/15/2018 - 23:58

To add on to the Vanilla factor, the next update will include the following, but not limited to:

- New type of Glass block
- Two new Crafting-type blocks, one of which will be the Transmogrifier (with a new block texture, I personally hate the one I have right now)
- New flowers
- New potions, one of which being a Milk Bucket replacement

Then for mod content, we'll have:
- All phases of the Nether Core block
- Tweaks to both new Dimensions
- Spells / Scrolls (Maybe? (Also not a reference to Mojang's game of the same name))
- Other tweaks and fixes.