5 Towers Of Doom (5TOD)

Submitted by Brich036 on Tue, 08/04/2015 - 01:35

~Updated~ Hello everyone this is a mod i made called 5 Towers of Doom (5TOD for short) and this mod has 200+ elements so far and still more to come theres just somes bugs here and there with mcreator 1.8 so there is somethings i cant use at the moment but i decide to upload what i have so far and i still have some bugs to fix and porblems, some unknown ones that im hoping you guys can help me with but  there are alot of stuff and there is still more to come so i hope yall enjoy this mod as much as i love making it. :D


~Please read if your willing to help~

If your willing to help me, i can do with a module creator and of course im going to give you the credit for making it email me at " Brich664@gmail.com " and there is other ways you can help like giving me some ideas on what i should plan for next like bosses,Sword names, etc..



V4.0.0 Update

1.Furit Tree (WIP)

2.Dragon Furit (WIP,Useless)

3.Blood Mixer (Works but still a WIP)

4.Spooky Girl (Mob)

5.Campfire (WIP,Useless)

6.Carving tool

7.Dragon Stone

8.Small Backpack (Works But VERY Glichy)

10.Luggage (Works But VERY Glichy)

11.Drannuxar (Dimension)

12.Dragon Soul Block

13.Drannuxar Ore (A.k.a Dragon Ore)

14.Small Tower (WIP,Does not Spawn)

15.Tower1 (WIP, Does Not Spawn)

16.Achievements (WIP)

17.Hell Stone

18.Lava Stone

19.Devil's Lair  (Dimension)

20.Dragon Gem

21.Dragon Sword

22.Dragon Bow

23.Dragon Armor

24.Eterniume Bow

25.Dragon Furit Plant

26.Tabs (WIP, Didnt get everything in them)


I'm Aware of all the things that are still in WIP but the only reason why im releaseing this version is because we're going to make "5 Towers Of Doom 2" its going to be way more awesome and more organized so if you want to be part of the team msg me at "Brich664@gmail.com" and tell me what your good/great at and i'll see if theres a spot for you



~Soon To Be Added~



Dragons (mob and tamable)

Dragons Leveling up and getting stronger

Flying On Dragons


Runes Keys and there Spawn Locations

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In development
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Submitted by Mordorne on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 10:13

This is epic! is it under 10mb? It seems way to big for that! Good work! People would definitely download this.

@#1 its not even in the MB the size of the file is 768.81 KB so its surprisingly small and thanks for the support :D have fun with the mod and let me know if you find any thing wrong or just an idea

OMG GG Thats Amazing Nice work =)> Keep It Up

every item in your mod has a black and white block texture

Never mind I just needed to rename it to a .jar file

Nice mod i want to test it but my mc dosint work with forge

Submitted by Mr_Alpha on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 05:22

Just a question because I've been wanting to do this, but how would you make a tamable, let alone mountable mob? It'd help me out too :)