Story Mode Armor & Weapons Mod

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The Minecraft Story Mode Armor & Weapons Mod adds the armors from Minecraft Story Mode in 1.7.10 like: Adamantine Impervium, Dragonsbane, Elliegard's Armor, Ender Defender, Golden Goliath, Magnus' Armor, Redstone Riot, Shield of Infinity, Star Shield, The Swordbreaker, even the VR Headset from Episode 7 and Tim's Armor from Episode 8. It also adds some customized weapons and tools like: the Enchanted Diamond & Golden Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel.

If you combine this with the Minecraft Story Mode Mod by Kiriot22, you'll be able to have everything from Minecraft Story Mode in real Minecraft! Hope you enjoy! Also, check out my YouTube channel from this link:, Parker Pictures Studio, you can check out more of my content about Minecraft, Story Mode, adventures, and more!

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Hi can you update this mod to 1.12.2 please because i love this mod but i got another one that is on 1.12.2.

This mod is to be tested! He must be fabulous! But a mod who have also the mobs & animals of the Minecraft Story Mode Series, it’s the Best MCreator Mod. Not too also....