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Hey you ! Yes,you ! I'm talking to you ! 

Do you always wanted a world full of...potatoes !!!!

...No ? Naaah,i don't really care ! But if you want a world full of potatoes,and even fries,it's your day !

Here comes the:


A brand new mods,made by me ! _chuchu_ ! This is my first mod,but not my first touch with Mcreator ! 

Want to know more about that mod,don't cha ? :P

Here's the presentation ! :

Blocks and items :


  1. Potato Block ! You can now make a nice block of potato ! Place a baked potato in the middle of your crafting table and make a ring of normal potato ! 

2. With a potato and an iron ingot,you can make "Potato and Steel", What's the utility of that thing ?...Maybe making a rectangle of Potato Block and right clicking with this is going to make something ? :o

3. With two Iron Ingots and one potato,you can make a brand new ingot ! A Potatite Ingot ! This is a wonderful metal :D !

4. With some precious material,you can make an ultimate item,really powerful,but i'm not going to spoil,nobody's like spoil :p

5. You can makes Potatite Tools ! But you need Fried Stick,maybe jumping in a portal to go in a Fried Dimension is going to help you ? :O

6. With the powerful item i showed (or not 'p') and a wooden sword,you can make a little nice buddy ! Maybe if you throw him,he's going to be alive ? But don't try to kill him,or he is going to be a little..annoying !


7. EVERYONE likes Fries ! Oh..You don't like them ? It's okay ! But now,Minecraft have fries ! Just place a potato and a wooden sword,and you're going to get 9 raw fries !

Cook them in the Deep Fryer and you get one fries ! You want to have more fries in one item ? You can too ! Combine 9 raw fries in a workbench and you get a pack of raw fries ! Cook the pack too in the Deep Fryer ! The pack restores all the hunger and give resistance for thirty seconds !

Fry give you one hunger point but a instant health of THIRTY SECONDS ! And a pack of fries give you ALL YOUR HUNGER and Resistance for THIRTY SECONDS ! BECAUSE THEY'RE SO GOOOOD !

8. You can now have a Deep Fryer ! The craft is pretty simple but pretty expensive. But it's an empty Deep Fryer ! You need to fill it with Boiling Frying Oil !

If you put fries in boiling frying oil,you can cook them !

If you put a potato in it,you can make an Hardened Fried Potato !

Hardened Fried Potato is a new material,he's going to be more expensive in the future. He's better than Potatite.

If you filled your Deep Fryer,but want to empty it,you can ! Just take an empty bucket and right click on the filled Deep Fryer,you're going to get a simple Frying Oil !

9. Seasoned Potato 

A new food ! Made with leaves,sugar and a potato,it gives 7 hunger point !

10. Frying Oil !

You can now make Frying Oil ! It's very simple to make !

If you want Boiling Frying Oil,just cook it in a furnace,but warning,Boiling Frying Oil cooldown randomly,put it speedly in your deep fryer !

11. Hardened Potato Tools are better that Potatite Tools but replace Potatite Ingot by Hardened Fried Potato ! And the craft of the sword is slightly different :

12.  Each update,there is going to be a secret tape in the mods ! The previous tape was Blue Tape ! Here's the craft :

Try to find the new each update !


13. The Music Tape Player is for playing Music Tape !

Here's the craft :

14. King Potato's Crown have a utility ! Check below !

15.  Green Tape,Craft :

16. Pedestal ! A new decorative block !

You can place the King Potato's Crown on the pedestal and it gives you an archivement !

17. Life Totem ! It's a item used for craft the living potato !

It's a flower in the center.



Dimension Documentation :



If you read that,you want to know more about the dimension ! 

First and the Only Dimensions (For now) : The Potatorium

It's a nice and peaceful dimension,where Mr.Fries live ! They live in infinite forest of Fried Wood ! 

But don't try to kill one,or he is going to lost all of his fries and he's going to be really mad ! If you kill it without his fries,he is going to die and became a peaceful but sad ghost,you can kill him too,and he drop Ghast Tears !

Biomes :

Fried Forest. Place where live Mr.Fries and Fries. You can also see Empty Mr.Fries in that place.

Cursed Fried Forest.   Ghost Mr.Fries and Skeleton spawn in that place. It's a dead Fried Forest.

Potato Mountain. This is where lives Living Strange Potato. You can find stone and ores in that biome.

Mobs :

Mr.Fries is peaceful and drop nothing !

Empty Mr.fries is agressive,but just deal 1/2 dmg and drop nothing,but he appears with some fries around him ! They have a really good speed but they drop fries ! And everyone LOVE Free Fries ! <3

Ghost Mr.Fries just drop Ghast Tears !

Strange Living Potato is a common mob ! If you kill it,there is 10% of spawning King Potato ! A new little boss ! Try to kill it and you're going to get his crown !




New Systems / Things :


With the 1.0.3 Update,there is now Achivements for the mods !

The 1.0.3 add a new system too ! 

"Boss Trophies" !

Each time you kill a boss (King Potato for exemple),a trophy is going to spawn,break him and you're going to get loots !

When you break a trophy,the loots are randomly chosen.

Here's all the things you can get in the trophy ( You just get some,not all the items)


Planned Features :


  1. A Potato Boss,a giant potato with limbs
  2. A Giant Cheeseburger with fries limbs,an another boss !
  3. More Fries and Potatoes <3


Changelog :


[First Release] - 1.0.0

Initial Mod Release

[Fryer Update] - 1.0.1 :

- Removed Rainbow TNT

- Added Deep Fryer

- Added Frying Oils

- Added Pack of Raw Fries,Pack of Fries and Raw Fries

- Added Hardened Fried Potato and Tools in it.

- Removed Potatobrine

- Added Seasoned Potato

- Added Music Tape Player

- Added  [ERROR]

[First Boss Update] 1.0.2

- Added King Potato

- Added Blue Tape

- Added King Potato's Crown

- Removed Potatobrine

[Trophy Update] 1.0.2

- Added Achievements

- Added the Trophy System !

- Added Green Tape

- Added Pedestal

- Added a utility to King Potato's Crown

- Removed Potatobrine                          


I really hope you're all going to like this mod,because,it's my first,and i'm going to update it each day ! 

Download link at the up right of the page ! 

Thanks for reading ! Sayonara !

Modification files
1.11.2_potatorium_1.0.1.zip - Version 1.0.1 Release Date : 25/08/17Uploaded on: 08/25/2017 - 21:17   File size: 1.68 MB
1.11.2_potatorium_1.0.2.zip - Version 1.0.2 Release Date : 26/08/17Uploaded on: 08/26/2017 - 20:56   File size: 2.56 MB
1.11.2_potatorium_1.0.3.zip - Version 1.0.3 Release Date : 30/08/17Uploaded on: 08/30/2017 - 14:04   File size: 4.46 MB

"Fry give you one hunger point but a instant health of THIRTY SECONDS ! And a pack of fries give you ALL YOUR HUNGER and Resistance for THIRTY SECONDS ! BECAUSE THEY'RE SO GOOOOD !"

The fact is that people becomes fat or can die by eating Fries /_/