The Rules of the Arcane | Random Axis Update

Published by Super_m on Sat, 08/25/2018 - 17:57
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Enter the world of the Arcane.  On your quest as a Arcenist, the magical scientist, you will meet such things as Arcane Zombies and Spaectres. You will be able to craft many wonderful things using many different crafting stations. And you're going to go through a lot of research while enjoying this mod.

In order to start your adventure in the world of the Arcane, all you need to do is find The Demented Arcenist and obtain his book from him. Said book will be your guide through the mod.


There is going to be a "storyline" akin to Twilight Forest. With boss progression, character/world interaction and possibly even special dungeons!



If you can't research Lapis it's becouse I was to lazy to work with MCreator's bugged ID system. Do not worry however becouse I made sure you can research lapis another way. Simply use crafting table to "craft" lapis into researchable lapis. This will work. Once again I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.


This mod is only in it's infancy, thus it doesn't have all the features I want to implement.

The current version of the mod is Beta 2.0.0 | The Random Axis Update which finally adds rotatable blocks and RNG drops from blocks.

I'm planning on adding a whole bunch of stuff. Some of the things I plan adding are:

  • Multi-block structures
  • New dimensions
  • bosses
  • biomes
  • food related items
  • more advancements!
Modification files
RotA9.jar - The Rules of the Arcane.Uploaded on: 11/17/2018 - 06:57   File size: 6.54 MB

1.0.0 The release.

2.0.0 The Random Axis update.


  • Rotated variants for MOST crafting stations.
  • Random drops from ores.
  • New tools.
  • Advancements!
  • New crafting station, the "Eseence Extractor".
  • Rings! (Speed and Haste)
  • More pages to the Tome of the Arcane Knowledge
  • "Fake" blocks, which you can pass through.
  • New recipes to allow easier gathering of resources.
  • Two new block variants. "Moulds" which allow you to cast items out of various metals, and pillars, which are decoration blocks.

If anyone gets stuck on the research portion and thinks that it's too hard I'll be happy to help you through it.

Just did a little update information since even I forgot that regular lapis isn't researchable. If you were trying to research it and it didn't work jut follow the "if you get stuck information" in the description of the mod.

Added more pictures to better show what the mod holds.

I have just tried your mod. It should be MOTW. I really like the research table, the guidebook and the whole mod idea! :D
I would just suggest to edit a few of the textures that where made using mcreator texture generator and to fix the compare button: for example, for comparing lapis lazuli research and arcane dust research... I don't know how to explain this since I don't remember the exact positions but you can compare them in one way, you can't compare using Lapis Lazuli and Arcane Dust method or Arcane Dust and Lapis Lazuli method... Just one of them (I don't remember which)...
Anyways, it's one of the best mods in mcreator :)
(sorry for bad English)

Yeah I know what you mean. I just didn't want to do that since it would mean I'd have to duble every research that you need to compare. I just figured that if one way didn't work everyone would be smart enough to try the other way around.

Sorry for late reply, here are the textures that I think could be improved:
Spaectre Bar
Steel Ingot
Dark Steel Ingot
Pasta (pasta is yellow, not green)

Textures made using mcreator image maker just look... dead.
You could improve a lot the textures by simply adding more contrast. Just change the colors with to make them a bit more "alive" (tip:use the extended color bar and slowly change the color using HSV/RGB bar and they will look awesome :D)

I mostly work in Gimp and Novaskin.
the colors are often a bit off, becouse I have trouble telling which color is which.
I don't have colorblindness, I just have truble telling colors apart sometimes.

I still am taking suggestions. So feel free to suggest anything. :)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

Protip; Don't tell us the lapis is a mistake, pretend you intented it to be that way.
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