Published by BLDragon on Tue, 12/25/2018 - 14:59
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This mod will add Zombies & Bosses for you to use. Make them Fight together with Boss Fight mods etc...


      Let's get a list of Mobs!


First one is the Zombie Warrior . It's a basic Zombie with 55 HP and 13 Dmg ( Sword counted ). He's not taking a single damage from sun


Zombie Warrior


Next, we have the Undead Spider. Theses spiders won't spawn naturally ( Only way to make them spawn is to kill a Necromancer ). They have 13 HP and deal 5 DMG


Zombie Spider


After that, we have the powerful Zombie Rogues! They have 25 HPs and 2 Hit Kill the non-armored ( was about to say nude :? ) player... Beware when you go out during night time!


Zombie Rogue


Now, a boss! The Necromancer is having 450 HP and deal 7 Damages... He won't laugh with you! Craft a Deactivated Staff and click a block to summon him.



I can't upload every image & mobs yet so I'll post them later, but you can look out the mobs by downloading the mod!


But yet I have to say you the crafts, either you won't play correctly!

To get a Zombinite Gem, you only have to smelt a Zombinite Ore, found in the depths at around Y-45


Recipe of the BloodSaw :

Blood Chainsaw

Recipe of the Zombie Slayer :

Zombie Slayer

Recipe of the Undead Summoner ( Summons Zombie Minions ) :


Undead Summoner


Recipe of the Suspicious Bloody Ingot ( Summons the Tech Zombie ) :

Suspicious Bloody Ingot


Recipe of the Deactivated Staff ( Summons the Necromancer ) :


Deactivated Staff


Bye! Hope you'll enjoy the mod!




Before giving any idea you should watch the Changelogs to see the Updates!


Version 1.0.1


- Bugfixes :

          Zombie allies might now work correctly

          Bloodsaw now deal damages

          Fixed the insane amount of damages made by the Zombie Slayer

- 2 New Items !

           Added the boss summoners for the Necromancer and the Tech Zombie

- 4 New Mobs :

           Zombie Archer

           Frost Zombie

           Nether Zombie

           Swamp Zombie


Version 1.0.0


  - Adds these mobs :

           Undead Spider

           Ghost Zombie

           Zombie Warrior

           Zombie Rogue

           The Neck-Romancer (Necromancer) -- Boss

           Tech Zombie -- Boss

            Fungus Zombie

            Dark Zombie

            Zombie Minion -- Ally ( Yet do no damages because it's glitched but can be bred with rotten flesh )

- 1 Ore :

            Zombinite Ore

-  5 Items :

            Zombinite Gem

            Zombie Slayer -- Gun ( Uses Rotten Flesh for ammo ) -- Currently too op so I will modify it in next update

            Rotten Flesh Dust -- Food

            Undead Summoner -- Summoning Staff

            BloodSaw -- Item ( Next update > Weapon )

- And finally an Inventory tab!